The Puppet Assassin - Ch 14 [the phone call from the devil - | - luke]

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She held out a dart in my direction. "If you think you can do better, why don't ya?"

I smirked, took the dart from her and winked. "Watch and learn, sunshine."

I lounged against the bar, pointing the end of the dart towards the bullseye. In less than a second I took in the distance and any breeze inside the bar. I judged how much force I would need with what trajectory, turned my head to smile at Bianca and made my shot. I knew without looking that it would hit exactly where I'd wanted it to go. I hadn't graduated from a military school without learning how to aim.

"Fuck you," she grumbled, though her eyes gave off a hint of awe.

I grinned arrogantly, knowing that I could call her out with an innuendo, but I refrained. "My choice then?"

She puffed out her cheeks and took a sip from my Guinness. "Okay. But you have to pick me up. I refuse to take a cab."

"That's fine by me."

"I hesitate to ask but where are we going?"

I smirked again. "You'll find out."

** **

At the end of the night I settled into my comfortable car, shivering as I thumbed my print into the pad and switched on the engine, immediately turning the heat up. The air quickly warmed and I pressed the button on my M-screen that would automatically set the destination to be my house. I settled back, letting my tired eyes droop a little. I'd had a few drinks, not enough to cause me to lose my steady control and function, but enough to make my body feel heavy. A night cap of sorts.

Something techno was whispering out of the speakers but I felt like listening to something more soothing. I tapped in a command and violin strings sounded through the speakers... If any of the guys knew that I had this station set as a favourite, their teasing would be merciless. But the violins sound was so real, an electronic beat couldn't compare. I slid the chair back and stretched my legs, letting my eyes shut and enjoying the soft vibration of the car which massaged my back slightly.

A smile spread across my face as I thought of Bianca and what I had planned for Thursday night. I'd have to keep my fingers crossed that all things went to plan.

My thoughts were interrupted by the shrill beeping sound coming from the M-screen as it intercepted a call going to my wire. The caller wasn't listed on the screen which made me frown but I clicked the accept button, remembering that Kayli had an untraceable wire. I didn't have a clue why she was calling, or even how. Last I saw her, she was being carted off by Liam, giggling and mumbling about something that was probably sexual considering the way Liam suddenly rushed her out the door.

But it wasn't her slurred, feminine voice that hissed through the speakers and echoed around the air.

"Luke Remington?"

My suspicions rose at the sound of the man's harsh tone but I forced myself to be polite in case this was an important caller.

"Speaking. May I ask who's calling?"

I checked the time. It was nearly two... Why would someone be calling at this time? Perhaps they were from a different time zone? But then, if this was some kind of business call, why would he not check to make sure my sleep wasn't disturbed? Surely he'd have heard that I had a bit of a temper. It was infamous amongst the packs.

"It doesn't matter, fucker..."

Well, that didn't sound good. My eyes narrowed unconsciously and I shook myself sober.

The anonymous asshole continued, "... You've taken something that you shouldn't have. Give the girl back. Let her go... or you WILL regret it."

The girl... must be Dizelde. I grinded my teeth slowly. "Give her back where?" I said slowly, trying to keep my head.

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