Chapter 37

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Gracie disappeared out of the vault, leaving behind the wreck of papers and books thrown about. Gracie knew where her parents were, along with Regina and Emma. She heard Regina's voice in the back of her mind, whispering "We figured it out."

Gracie wasted no time getting to the mayor's office, with just a wave of her hand she was there. Her parents help brooms and a hat was placed in the middle of the room, Regina knelt down behind it with Emma watching. Gracie's sudden appearance startled the four adults, but they quickly realized who it was.

"The hat?" Gracie asked, "You have it?"

"Yes, and we are going to use it to send the wraith to a nonexistent world," Regina answered.

"Our world?"

Regina simply nodded as she began trying to activate its powers. The hat spun on the ground as the lights started flickering. A shriek filled Gracie's ears causing her to cringe and cover her ears. David, Mary Margaret, and Emma lit their brooms on fire, and the howling wind burst through the doors. The wraith flew in through the doors, screeching as it neared closer and closer. David charged at the wraith with his make-shift torch, Mary Margaret poured alcohol along the railing, and Regina kept attempting to activate the hat.

"David!" Mary Margaret hollered as he ignited the railing into flames. The wraith tried to keep away from the fire while trying to get to them at the same time.

"It's not working!" Regina yelled over the noises filling the room.

Gracie quickly jumped down to the hat as Emma spoke up, "What is the problem?"

"Magic," Regina scoffed, "It's different here."

"Let me try, I can use magic here," Gracie grabbed the hat and spun it, mimicking the actions she saw Regina do.

Emma placed her hand on Regina's arm as both Regina and Gracie attempted to make the hat work. It sprung to life, creating a purple vortex swirling into the darkness of the hat.

"It's coming!" David shouted.

The wraith screeched once again as it advanced on Regina, her back turned away from what was happening. Emma shoved Regina out of the way, knocking Gracie down as well. She landed with a brutal force and watched as Emma's ankle got entangled, pulling her down into the vortex with the wraith.

"No! I am not losing her again!" Mary Margaret yelled, jumping in after her daughter.

"Neither am I!" David and Gracie shouted in unison.

David hurtled the railing and dove for the hat, while Gracie attempted to get up but immediately stumbled back down from the overwhelming feeling of dizziness. David landed on the cold ground just as the vortex dispersed, leaving nothing but the crushed hat under him. Regina quickly picked the small girl up, cradling her as if she were still young. Gracie's head ached as she watched David scramble with the hat. She held her hand to her head as a surge of magic filled her body, her blue necklace illuminating the room as she healed herself. Regina set Gracie down on her feet, and it took her a second to completely regain full awareness.

"Where are they?" Anger coursed through David's voice.

"I have no idea." Regina admitted.

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