Chapter 6

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The Enchanted Forest Many Years Ago

Eight year old Gracie walked down a narrow path in the forest, heading to the docks where she always went when she wanted to get away from home. The ground was muddy from the previous day's rain causing her dress to become dirty at the ends.

She came up to an old tavern, filled with drunks and low-lives. It sat next to the harbor where ships were lined up against the dock. Gracie stopped in front of the taverns windows and peered in. The owner saw her and smiled, giving her a small wave which she returned. Gracie continued walking until someone caught her eye. She looked back at the tavern and saw a pirate staring back at her.

Inside the tavern the pirate looked away from the girl, and when he looked back she was gone.

"Who is that little girl?" The pirate asked the people around him.

"She's a weird one, I'd stay away from her," a man said, taking a swig of his drink, "raised by the Evil Queen, trained by The Dark One, possesses magic. She's as crazy as they get."

"Now that's a lie," the owner walked over to the table with a pitcher of beer, "poor kid has an unfortunate life. It's not her fault the Queen forces her to use her powers."

The pirate looked back out the window, a sly smirk on his face.


Gracie sat on the end of the rock piling, her feet dangling in the water. She watched a ship out in the horizon drifting away. The chilling wind began to blow again, but besides that it was a beautiful day. Gracie pulled her hood over her head to keep her ears warm, and considered putting her shoes back on but the water was so refreshing. She picking up a small rock and skipped it across the water, Belle had taught her how when they took a trip down here for a lesson.

"Hey that rock almost hit me!" A woman's voice popped up, startling Gracie who pulled her sword out of the sheath.

"It's okay child, I'm sorry I frightened you," Gracie looked down to see a mermaid, her mouth dropped in awe, "I'm Ariel."

"I'm Princess Gracie," she introduced as putting her sword away, "The Evil Queen's daughter."

"Oh yes, we've heard many stories about you under the sea," Ariel smiled.

"Really?" Gracie was amazed, "I'm not special. I'm just a kid with magical powers that can't be controlled and a mother who tries to turn me into the Evil Princess."

"Well legend has it that you overcame those struggles and saved a lot of people," Ariel picked up an old compass and examined it.

"Well that's not true," Gracie looked down, "I can't even be the perfect evil princess my mom wants me to be."

"I know how you feel," Ariel put her hand on Gracie's, "my Father expects me to be this amazing little mermaid like my sisters, but I just want to be a human like you."

"It's not as great as it seems," Gracie sighed, "I just wish I could get my magic under control so maybe I could be a little more normal."

"I think I have just the thing to help you, stay right there," Ariel dove into the water, and the last thing Gracie saw was her tail splash under.

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