Chapter 35

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Gracie runs as quickly as she can, throwing open the hospital doors and letting the chilly air sting her cheeks. She continues to run and scans the streets for the two people she's been longing for. When she spots them hugging she almost collapses with the overwhelming amount of emotions she's experiencing. They spot her and hand-in-hand start half running to her. She meets them in the middle and is crushed in a hug between them.

"Mom, Dad," Gracie smiles, "She did it! Emma broke the curse!"

"Gracie we're so sorry we lost you again," Mary Margaret rubs Gracie's back as they continue to hug, "We promised you we would never lose you, and we lost both of our daughters."

"But you found us," Gracie cheers, "Just like you always do!"

"You weren't here for the whole curse were you?" David asks his daughter, not letting go of her for a second.

"No but that's not important right now," Gracie brushed off the question, "What's important is that we find Emma."

David smiles down at Gracie, taking a second to take in the features of his beautiful daughter. She looks the about same as she did 28 years ago, but he can tell there's something different about her. Her eyes don't show the purity and innocence they once did, but instead they show the wisdom she's gained. As much as David wants to demand his long lost daughter to explain what she went through during the curse, he knows now isn't the time.

A small gasp pulls David out of his thoughts as he turns his head toward where Gracie's finger points.

"What is that?" She asks.

A purple cloud looms over the town, traveling fast and swallowing up everything in its path. David quickly grabs Mary Margaret and Gracie, pulling them into him. The parents huddle around Gracie and prepare to face the worst. Gracie watches through the arms of her parents as the purple cloud consumes them. Her necklace radiates a blue haze in the purple fog surrounding them.

"Magic," she whispers, "Its magic!"

David breaks apart from the huddle, a hand remains clasped on Gracie's shoulder. The last remains of the fog begin to disperse as David and Mary Margaret turn to face each other.

"What's happening?" She asks.

"Let's find out."

Mary Margaret nods and begins to walk down the road, inspecting every single detail as they move along.

"It was magic," Gracie announces, "It had to be magic. Which means it was either Mom or Rumple."

"Regina is not your mother," Charming quickly states.

Gracie stands back as she watches her parents reunite with their friends. Red, Granny, and the Dwarves all great her parents with smiles, and their arms wide open for hugs. Gracie doesn't know what she should do; she's not sure if people will look at her as they do Regina or as they do Snow and Charming.

"Gracie!" Red exclaims as she pulls her into a hug, "My little partner in crime!"

"Hey wolf," Gracie jokes, receiving a laugh from Red, "Can you believe it? The curse is broken!"

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