Chapter 27

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A few days had passed since Mary Margaret tried to run away, and with each day the small town grew stranger. The reappearance of Katherine Nolan shocked everyone. Emma tried convincing Gracie that Regina set Mary Margaret up, and Gracie didn't want to believe it but there was something pulling her towards Emma's suspicion. Gracie was just happy to have her teacher back. Regina had been busy dealing with her duties leaving Gracie to sneak around with Mary Margaret. The two girls mainly stayed in Mary Margaret's house, eating little goodies and talking like old pals. Strangely, Mary Margaret felt safe to tell Gracie anything. She knew the child understood everything, she was quite intelligent for a 10 year old. However as each day went on she noticed Gracie becoming more quiet and reserved. Usually she was filled with joy.

"Grace," Mary Margaret said, catching the young girls attention, "what's wrong?"

Gracie took a deep breath as she debated whether or not she wanted to talk. She decided it was about time to get it off her chest, "I've been seeing things. Like visions. And each one is in Henry's storybook. It's like they come alive. And then when we were at Jefferson's that weird thin happened. I shot fire out of my hand! How is that possible? Is Henry right? Is his book real?"

Mary Margaret put her hand out to comfort Gracie, but the child pulled away quickly. She stood up from her seat and went towards the door, "I have to go I'm not feeling well."

Before Mary Margaret could object Gracie was out the door. Her head was jumbled with thoughts and it throbbed from overthinking. She hurried home as fast as she could, relief spread through her when she stepped through the front door. Gracie was surprise to see her mother home, just as much as Regina was surprised to realize Gracie hadn't been home.

"Gracie where were you?" Regina made her way over to Gracie and placed a hand over her head, "You're burning up! Go lay down and I'll bring you up some soup."

Gracie did not argue. That was exactly what she wanted. She passed Henry's room on the way to her own, getting a quick glance of him laying on his bed. Her bed was neatly made, Regina's rule was to always have their rooms look perfect. She plopped in the middle of it, spreading out and letting the silky blankets engulf her small body. Gracie held her hands infront of her face, a small jolt of fear filling her. The events from that one night had traumatized her. She couldn't wrap her mind around what happened. Could Henry possibly be right? Just a few weeks ago she shot down every time Henry mentioned the book, and now all she waned was to get her hands on it.

Gracie's hand wrapped around her wolf pendant. The stone shimmered, illuminating Gracie's face a blue color. Gracie nearly jumped, the last time this happened it caused the fireball. She suddenly felt shaky, an image flashed before her eyes. Regina holding her hand as they walked through a forest. Another one flashed forward, David and Mary Margaret smiling down at her. Suddenly her whole life flashed before her eyes, the life she had before the came to this world. Memories came flooding back, some so strong they nearly sent tears spilling from her eyes. Realization struck her as she was pulled back into the real world. She was shocked, angry, and scared. A mix of emotions flooded through her, none could describe exactly what she was feeling. Gracie hadn't realized she stood up, her hand still on her necklace. She felt her heart racing, she felt like it was about to burst out of her chest. When Gracie's door creeked open her heart skipped a beat. Regina appeared behind the door, the one person Gracie didn't want to see.

"Gracie are you okay?" Regina set down the tray containing the soup.

"No." Gracie stared back at Regina, "How could you?"

Regina stared at her daughter with confusion. She wasn't sure what she'd done now.

"You said you were going to get your happy ending," Gracie yelled, "This is it? You happy ending is watching everyone suffer? Watching your own daughter be torn apart by all this?"

Regina realized what Gracie was talking about. A frown formed on her face, this couldn't be happening. "You know. You know everything."

"Did you think I would never find out?" Gracie took a step towards Regina, "I knew Emma would make it. I knew she'd break your curse."

"So far she has failed."

"My memories are back. There's only a short amount of time before everyone elses are too."

"You are not leaving this house."

Regina left Gracie's room without another word. Gracie knew she was going to find a way to keep Gracie in this house. There was hardly any magic in this world. She would have a hard time stopping Gracie. But Gracie's first priority was telling Henry. She hurried to his room, finding him in the same place she had seen him.

"Henry you were right all along." Gracie made the storybook magically appear in her hand, "We have to break this curse."


I'm trying to get through season 1 because honestly there's not much to write for it. This was a little short but it was just sorta a filler I guess. Don't forget to vote and leave a comment! I love reading your feedback!

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