Chapter 15

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A/N   I skipped a few episodes, only because there was really no ideas coming for me and it would have been boring to right about them. Thank you for reading and I hope you don't mind me skipping a few episodes.


Henry smiled as he read a comic, and beside him Gracie kept the same frown while reading the newspaper. Over the past few weeks many things have happened in Storybrooke, for example Emma became Sheriff. Gracie had been busy being Regina's little shadow and following her around everywhere she went. Ever since the mine incident Regina's been even more protective of Gracie. Gracie's panic attack worried Regina that there were more to come.

"Whatcha reading?"

Gracie looks up from her newspaper to find a young, blond girl talking to them. She lowers the newspaper to get a better look at the girl.

"The Hulk versus Wolverine," Henry says with a glance towards Gracie.

"I'm Ava, I think I've seen both of you around school. You're in Ms. Blanchard's class, right?" She asks.

Henry and Gracie give small nods. Gracie was about to speak when Ava was joined by a boy.

"Almost ready, Ava?" He asks her.

"This is my brother Nicholas," Ava tells them.

"I'm Gracie, and Henry is my brother," Gracie points to Henry with her thumb.

"Hi, come on, let's go."

"You wanna come hangout?" Ava invites the siblings with a smile.

"Sure," Gracie and Henry answer at the same time.

Gracie places the newspaper and leaves a dollar on the counter before heading for the door with the others. As Nicholas reached for the door, the clark slammed it shut.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" He asks while whipping out a tissue, "Open up your bags."

He points to Henry and Gracie, both have confused looks on their faces. Gracie slips her bag off her shoulder and holds it in her hand.

"You actually thing we stole something?" She holds her bag out, "Here check it if you really believe that."

The clark snatches the bag out of Gracie's hand in a rude manner. Gracie crosses her arms over her chest, but when he pulls out a handful of candy bars her mouth drops open. The same amount was pulled out of Henry's bag. The two look at eachother in disbelief.

"You two distracted us!" Gracie pointed to the other brother-sister duo.

"So that your brother could put that stuff in there," Henry added onto Gracie's sentence.

"Henry, Gracie... I'm shocked."


A stern look was set on Regina's face. Henry and Gracie stood on both sides of her looking at the ground.

"I'm sorry Madam Mayor, but your children were shoplifting."

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