Chapter 17

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I just wanted to apologize for not updating at all! I recently had surgery so I was trying to catch up with school work and everything so thank you for you're patience! Also this chapter is a little short, but I wanted to get something published.


A few weeks had passed in the small town of Storybrooke. For Gracie it felt like years. Everyday felt the same to her; wake up, go to school, help her Mother in the office, sneak around with Henry and Emma, go to bed. Then the next day the same thing happened.

Gracie currently sits in Granny's with a cup of hot coco, topped with cinnamon of course, and a book laid open in front of her. Although her focus wasn't on the book. She peered around a few heads to get a look at someone. Someone she didn't recognize. Gracie had watched him drive up on a motorcycle and was curious of him. She'd never seen any strangers in town. No one left Storybrooke and no one entered Storybrooke.

The man stood up from his seat as Gracie quickly averted her eyes back to her book. Gracie thought he was leaving the diner, until he stopped at her booth and slid in across from her.

"You know most people say hello," the man said, "I'm August. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Oh, I'm sorry I was just curious as to why you're here," Gracie answered, placing down her book, "I mean no one ever comes here."

"It just seemed like an interesting place," August shrugged, "I'm a writer. I look for inspirations."

"Oh, well that makes sense," Gracie have her sweet and charming smile, "I'm Gracie, by the way."

"Ah, yes, Gracie," August said as if remembering something, "I mean, what a lovely name. Now I should get going. Have a good day."

August quickly slid out of the booth and out of Granny's leaving Gracie alone. He had seemed pretty normal, but then again is anything in Storybrooke normal?


Gracie and Henry laid on Gracie's bed, the story book open in front of Henry. Gracie stared up at the ceiling with her hands crossed over her chest while Henry read aloud out of the book. Gracie agreed to give Henry extra time to convince her that she, Gracie Mills, was actually the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

"Look here G," Henry said, using his nickname for Gracie and pointing at a picture, "it's you and Emma."

Gracie sat up and looked down at the book. The image stunned Gracie a bit. It was of a young girl with dark hair holding a little baby wrapped in a blanket. Henry had been reading this page before, when they first meet Emma. And again, sewn into the blanket was the name Emma. She ran her thumb down the small child, and the feeling came back. Gracie felt dizzy and a flash erupted through her head. An image appeared before her eyes.

A sword was in her hand, and in the image a glance up revealed the baby in the picture. The same blanket was bundled around the infant. The green eyes stared back at Gracie as she came back to reality.

"Are you alright?" Henry asked.

"I saw it," Gracie gasped, still feeling dizzy and confused, "the picture. But it was real. I was there."

A smile spread across Henry's face, "You're beginning to believe."

"Keep reading."

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