Chapter 9

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Gracie and Henry sat outside on a blanket with the rest of their class. Ms. Blanchard thought it was a great day to have class outside, and it indeed was. Gracie enjoyed not being cooped up in the classroom.

Henry passed Gracie a note and Gracie smiled. She opened the note and read it.

I have something important to tell you later. It's about the storybook. Don't get mad, I know you hate it, but it's very important!

Gracie sighed as she read it, the stupid storybook again. She was elbowed in the side by Henry and when she looked up she was greeted by their Mother.

"May I speak with my son?" Regina demanded.

Henry shifted uncomfortably next to Gracie, "what do you think she wants?"

Gracie responded with a shrug, who knew what she needed now. Regina gestured for Henry to follow her, and gave a slight smile to her daughter who remained in her spot. Ms. Blanchard continued her lesson, but Gracie didn't focus since she was too worried about what Regina and Henry were talking about. Gracie was interrupted from her thoughts once again by the bell. She waited for Henry before running into the school.

"My Mom has been arrested," Henry whispered to Gracie as they took their seats.

"Emma?" Gracie was shocked, "Why?"

"She stole Dr. Hoppers files," Henry told her, "she's a genius!"

"How is she a genius?" Gracie asked confused.

"I'll explain after class."


The two siblings ran into the sheriffs office, followed by their teacher.

"Henry, Gracie, what are you doing here?" Sherif Graham asked the two kids.

"His mother told him what happened, and he told Gracie," Mary-Margarets answered for them.

Henry ran to his Mother while Gracie stayed by Mary-Margaret's side.

"Of course she did," Emma defensively said while looking to Graham, "Henry, I don't know what she said-"

"You're a genius!" Henry interrupted, "I know what you were up to. You were gathering intel for Operation Cobra."

"Operation Cobra?" Gracie asked while crossing her arms, "Whats that?"

"I'll explain it later, but what's important is Ms. Blanchard is going to bail you her out."

"You are? Why?"

Emma seemed shocked that her sons teacher was bailing her out.

"I, uhm, trust you," she answered, and placed a hand on Gracie's shoulder.

"Well, if you uncuff me, I have something to do," Emma extended her wrists to Graham with a small smile.


"Okay as we walk to Mom's office inform me on this Operation Cobra thing," Gracie said as she skipped down the side walk.

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