Author's Note

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So, it has been a long time since I last updated this story, and I've had many people asking me when and if I'm going to keep writing. The answer is probably not. I have no interest in Once Upon a Time anymore and I started this book before I even started high school. I have wanted to come back to this book and try to finish it for you all, but I'm so busy with my life I've never had time. I am now committed to an University and will soon be starting my long journey into the medical field. Majoring in biochemistry will leave me no time to even think about updating this story, so I'm sad to say I have decided to leave it unfinished.

At one point I had so many ideas for this story. Writing was once my stress reliever, but now it is what causes my stress. Maybe one day I'll write more, maybe I will write out all my ideas I had, but right now that doesn't seem possible. I decided to write this for anyone that is still waiting for an update just to let you know what is happening. Thank you to everyone who has read, voted for, and commented on this story.

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