Chapter 39

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The Enchanted Forest

Mulan flipped open a chest revealing an arsenal of different weapons, "Choose wisely. We must be vigilant if we hope to survive."

Mary Margaret grabs a sheathed sword as Emma stuck a knife down her boot. Gracie shifted through the different weapons looking for more options, since she already had my trusted sword. Gracie saw a bow and quiver of arrows and smiled.

"Where's my gun?" Emma asked, "I want it back."

Gracie lifted up the bow and handed it to her Mother, a smile forming across her face. Mulan removed Emma's gun from her pocket, inspecting it as Emma holds her hand out.

"Gracie, you don't want to use the bow?" Mary Margaret asked her daughter.

"Don't be silly, we both know you're more skilled with it than I," Gracie laughed, and with a wave of her hand another bow appeared around her back, "Plus I can just use magic to get another one."

Mary Margaret smiled, "You and that magic. And you know you are very skilled with a bow, you did learn from the best."

Gracie laughed as Mulan handed Emma her gun back. Mulan took notice of Gracie's new added weapon and gave a nod of approval. The young girl impressed her, most princesses knew little to nothing about how to fend for themselves let alone ever handle a sword properly. Mulan mentally applauded her parents for the way they raised Gracie, not knowing that there was more than just her parents involved in her upbringing.

"Follow my lead, step where I step, do exactly as I say and you might survive," Mulan instructed.

"Thanks for the pep talk, but I think we're okay. I just killed a dragon last week," Emma replied, trying to shut down Mulan.

"Emma, one dragon is nothing to brag about" Gracie rolled her eyes, "Have you ever even seen an ogre?"

"I'm pretty sure I've dated a few."

Mulan began telling Emma about the legend of the ogres. For Gracie, a child that had been raised in the Enchanted Forest, this had been just a bed time story. Some would say it was too scary for children, speaking up death and all, but in this world it was a lesson to be learned.

Mulan takes off after finishing with Emma, Gracie shortly behind her, and Emma and Mary Margaret bringing up the rear. Gracie can hear bits of their conversation as she hurries to match Mulan's pace.

"How did you end up here, if you don't mind me asking?" Gracie questioned Mulan, the warrior not seeming to be bothered by her company.

"It's a long story, you?" Mulan avoided the question, but was curious as to how Gracie got to where she was.

"I wouldn't know where to begin," Gracie shrugged.

"Most warriors choose not to speak of their past, you and I are of these people I can assume," Mulan smiled, "That's not a bad thing. It means you've worked even harder to make your way here."

"I'm nothing close to a warrior," Gracie laughed, "You can make someone skilled with a weapon, but that doesn't make them a warrior."

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