Chapter 13

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Gracie spent the last few days either in school or under Regina's watchful eye. There was no in between. She had to sit through city council meetings and hours of watching Regina work. This was the worst punishment she could have, sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

"Mom, when can I stop being your shadow and actually go do something?" Gracie asked, sitting upside down on the couch with her head hanging down.

"I'm teaching you a lesson," Regina looked up from her work, "I'm teaching you that there are consequences for when you disobey me."

"Maybe if you let me live my life a little I wouldn't disobey you as much," Gracie mumbled.

"That's enough," Regina said, "now sit up right and fix your hair."

With a huff of annoyance Gracie did what she was told. She continued to do word search puzzles from a book Regina had given her. The book was over half way completed and by the time Gracie reached puzzle 20 she was bored of it. But, it was better than staring at the wall.

After finishing another puzzle Gracie was tired of lounging around. She stood up to stretch her legs and walk around a bit. Regina watched as Gracie paced back and forth.

"I have a strange feeling," Gracie said while looking to Regina, "somethings happening."

Just as Regina went to open her mouth the ground shook, causing papers and pens to fall off Regina's desk. Gracie nearly fell to the ground, but quickly regained her balance. Car alarms blasted outside and Regina's phone started ringing with multiple calls.

"We have to go to the old mines," Regina said, "I'm going to need you help to control the people. They'll listen to you, can you please help me Gracie?"

Gracie nodded her head and followed her Mother out the door.


Regina was right. The town would listen to anything Gracie told them. Gracie had no clue why, however Regina knew exactly why. Back in the Enchanted Forest, they always listened to Gracie. Even when she was dark. The habit of adoring the small child hadn't gone away when the curse washed upon everyone in the town.

Gracie jumped out of the car by her Mother's side. Regina walked quickly to the crowd while Gracie had to run to keep up.

"Everyone please stand back!" Gracie shouted, "You will receive answers shortly! Just be patient!"

Gracie turned around and spotted Regina talking with Emma. She couldn't help but notice the badge hanging off Emma's belt. A smile crept on Gracie's face. This meant Emma was staying for a while longer. She watched as the new Deputy made her way over. Gracie was shocked Regina put Emma on crowd control with her. She shoot Emma a quick smile.

"Crowd control?" Gracie asked, picking up a roll of yellow caution tape.

"Mayors orders," Emma replied.

The two girls headed for the explosion site to put the tape up. Gracie watched Regina pick up something off the ground. She couldn't tell what it was, but when Regina pocketed it quickly she knew it was something Regina had been keep a secret. Gracie noted to ask Regina about that later. Emma and Gracie continued to set up the tape. They were silent as they got the job quickly done. Gracie heard her name being whispered, but each time she looked around to see where it came from she saw nothing. Finally the whisper became louder and she spotted Henry crouched behind the Sheriff car. Gracie nudged Emma with her elbow while motioning towards Henry. They finished up their job quickly before reporting over to Henry. Henry smiled at Gracie, and Archie stood next to Henry with a smile as well.

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