Chapter 4

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The Enchanted Forest Many Years Ago

Snow White and Charming stood over their babies crib. Little Gracie peacefully slept snuggled up in her blanket. It was the last night the parents had with their daughter. The next morning Gracie would be sent to be raised by Snow's close friend Red Riding Hood.

"Do we really have to do this?" Snow turned to face Charming.

"We'll see her again," he placed his hands on Snow's waist, "but until then we have to make sure we are doing what's right."

Charming kissed his daughters head gently, careful not to wake her.

"We will always find each other," the couple quoted their famous saying.


In the late hours of the night Gracie squirmed in her small crib. Her nursery was dark except for a small candle that illuminated one wall.

A shadow quickly passed by on the wall, drawing the attention of the curious baby.

"Why hello there, Gracie."

Her head turned to the sound of the voice. Since she was only a baby, the stranger standing before her didn't bother her a bit.

The stranger was a woman, dressed in a black dress with red details sticking out in a few places. She smiled devilishly down at the infant. It was finally her time to destroy Snow's heart, in a different way than what she wished.

This woman seeking revenge was non other than the Evil Queen, or as some call her, Regina. She carefully picked up Gracie, cradling her in one arm.

"You're going to love your new home," the Evil Queen smiled as she used her free hand to use magic that transported them out of Gracie's nursery.


With a cloud of smoke Regina appeared in her castle with Gracie. She looked around the empty room they stood in.

"This isn't fit for a princess is it?" Regina walked around the room and looked out the window, where she could see Snow's castle in the distance.

With a wave of her hand the room was transformed into a beautiful nursery. The walls were a bright color, different from the rest of the dark castle. Regina smiled at the room. She couldn't believe she just pulled off what she did.

Gracie began to cry as Regina used her magic to make a baby bottle appear.

"Don't cry little one," she hushed the infant, "you will learn to love it here."


Four years later Regina held Gracie's hand as they walked through the Enchanted Forest.

Gracie was a bubbly, little 4 year old that had no clue who her real parents were. Snow and Charming made multiple attempts to take back their child, but they all failed.

Gracie smiled up at Regina, who took on the motherly role. Regina peered down at Gracie and failed to keep a straight face. Regina never planned on becoming so attached to Gracie, but eventually she realized this child was all she'd ever need.

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