Chapter 29

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Henry jumped off his bed and grasped his sisters shoulders.

"You believe?" He asked, "I was right this whole time?"

"Yes Henry," Gracie laughed at his excitement, "and now it is our job to make Emma believe."

"Wait, hold up G." Henry blocked his door, "You just found out who your parents are, who your whole family is, and you're worried about saving everyone else?"

Gracie sighed and handed Henry the storybook, "What's the use of seeing them if they don't remember too?"

Gracie hurried out of Henry's room and downstairs, but their Mother was nowhere in sight. Gracie was concerned. Who knew what trick Regina had up her sleeve.

"So really you're my aunt?" Henry babbled on, "You're my aunt and my adoptive sister?"

"Henry if I understood my family tree I'd be happy to share it with you," Gracie said.

She reached for the knob on the door, saying a secret wish that it wasn't cursed with magic, and attempted to turn it. A force jolted her backwards and almost knocked her off her feet.

"Magic," Gracie scoffed, "Luckily for us Mom doesn't have much. She probably used her last bit on this stunt. But I have quite a lot left thanks to this necklace."

Henry observed the glowing wolf pendant. He was glad to know they had magic on their side, but also a little disappointed he didn't have magic of his own. He stood back and let Gracie do her thing. With just a snap of her fingers the door flew open. Gracie expected Regina to be standing on the other side, but to their luck she wasn't.

"Let's go." Gracie rushed out the door, Henry on her heels.


There was nothing stopping Gracie, or so she thought until a familiar face was seen walking into Granny's. She came to a quick stop and nearly cause Henry to topple over her.

"Your Dad." Henry realized what caused the sudden stop, "I have to go talk to someone too. Meet up at Mary Margaret's when you're done."

Gracie nodded, still standing in the same spot even after Henry had left her. Gracie didn't know why she felt so scared to go talk to her father, maybe it was because she remembered their life before the curse and he didn't. Although David had awaken from his coma a little while ago Gracie never had the chance to speak to him. She never saw the need to anyway, but now was different. Gracie sucked in a deep breath and pulled open the door. She spotted David right away and quickly made her way over to him. He didn't notice her until she slid into the booth across from him.

"Uhm, hi?" David looked at her confused, "Gracie, right? Can I help you?"

"Do you love her?" Gracie asked, realizing she might have to be more specific.

"It's complicated Gracie," David sighs, "You wouldn't understand."

"Don't give up." Gracie gave him one of her charming smiles, "You'll get your family back soon."

David gave Gracie a confused look, what did she mean by family? He watched as the little girl ran out of the diner and left him more than confused. He stared at where she ran out trying to wrap his head around what she said. Family? Soon? He decided the little girl was just talking non sense.


Mary Margaret's apartment was quiet. Gracie sat on a bed upstairs flipping through the storybook while Henry read a comic downstairs. She smiled as she turned each page. Every illustration was a memory to Gracie. She turned each page until she reached the end. The stories stopped abruptly, almost like there was no ending. It was as if the book was just waiting to be finished, waiting for them to return home and continue on as if nothing happened. Gracie knew that wasn't possible. She stared at the same page for awhile. The page where she held Emma, little baby Emma wrapped in a blanket. That was the day both girls lives changed. The day two sisters were separated for 28 years.

Gracie was so caught up in her thoughts she hadn't realized Emma had come in.  She hurried down the stairs, hearing Henry raising his voice she grew concerned. Both Emma and Henry turned to look at Gracie. She stared back confused, what had she missed out on?

"What's going on?" Gracie asks, hopping down from the last step.

"Emma's trying to leave, again," Henry answered.

Gracie's heart quickened, she couldn't let Emma leave. She couldn't loose Emma once again.

"You said you were going to stay." Gracie's eyes pleaded with Emma's, "You said you wouldn't leave."

"It's what's best for both of you. I have to go."

Gracie was about to talk Emma out of it again when she noticed a pastry in Henry's hand, "What's that Henry?"

"I'm sorry it's had to come to this," Henry's words were directed towards Emma, "You may not believe in the curse, or me, but I believe in you."

He took a bite of the apple turnover before Gracie could stop him. It didn't take her anytime to realize that Regina had set Emma up, but it backfired. Henry looked back at them, no signs of a sleeping curse.

"See? You want some ice cream with that? And then we can go back to talking about-"

Emma didn't get a chance to finish her sentence. Henry collapsed to the ground, Gracie dropping down to him a second later.

"Look what you did!" Gracie screamed, shaking Henry's arm, "This wouldn't have happened if you would just believe! If you would just stay and stop changing your mind!"

"Henry? Henry? Henry!" Emma's voice grew louder and more concerned with each cry out.


Gracie sat beside Henry, his hand clasped in hers. His heart monitor beeped at a constant rate. Gracie had watched Emma drag Regina into a nearby closet. She could hear them yelling at each other, but so faintly she couldn't make out what she was saying. Gracie knew what was wrong with Henry. A sleeping curse. A curse that could only be broken by true loves kiss. A curse that could not be broken by Gracie's magic. But Gracie knew what she needed to do.

"We'll save you Henry," she whispered as she threw on her sweater, "I promise."

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