Chapter 12

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The Enchanted Forest Many Years Ago

Gracie sat beside her Mother, a confused look on her face. The glass she held slipped from her hand, causing it to shatter by her feet. The sudden sound startled Gracie and she quickly used her magic to clean up the mess.

"Mother, what were we talking about?" Gracie asked.

Regina realized this was her moment, she could feed lies into Gracie's mind to make her hate her real parents. Regina hated her plan but it was the only way to make sure Gracie stayed with her.

"Well, sweetie, I was telling you something important," Regina stared at Gracie's emotionless face, "something that effected you when you were young."

"What do you mean?" Gracie was confused now, "Was I not born this magic? Was I cursed?"

"No Gracie, just listen," Regina said, "you were born with a special kind of magic, you weren't cursed. You are the product of true love, and that caused you to have both dark and light magic. Having these magics combined means you are one the most powerful in the world. However, the story of your beginnings doesn't start with me. It starts with your real parents, Snow White and Prince Charming."

Regina stopped to let Gracie soak this in. She saw no emotions on Gracie's face. Regina was sure if she was upset or not. The realization hit her that losing all memories of her parents also caused her to loose all hope and happiness. Regina smiled, her plan to turn Gracie into the Evil Princess she was destined to become was a step closer to being accomplished.

"These two ended up falling in love," Regina added an eye roll as she continued, "before they got married they had you. The new parents were not prepared at all for you. They claimed you ruined their life and that they didn't want you. Then when you were only a week old they learned you possessed the magic you have. That pushed them over the edge. They couldn't cope with the fact they had a child, let alone have a child with magical powers that they had no knowledge about. So they went out with little Gracie in a basket and set you down in the woods. No tears were shed and no goodbyes were said. They left you Gracie, left you for the wolves. Luckily I found you, if I hadn't you would not be here today."

"My own parents didn't love me because I have magic?" Gracie said barely above a whisper, "What kind of parents are they?"

"The worst part is now they are rumored to be wedded by the end of this month and they're trying to have another child," Regina gave a fake, sad smile, "they've completely forgotten about you. They think you're dead."

Regina watched Gracie's face fall, but a new look took over her features. A look Regina was to familiar with. The look of hatred, the look every evil villain had. Regina grinned, her plan worked. Gracie was slowly letting her dark magic take over.

"I'll be in my room," Gracie mumbled as she stood up, "I need some time alone."


Gracie paced back and forth in her room. Over the past three months her life became different. Each day was filled with doing evil acts with her Mother, and this made Gracie feel great. She finally felt in control. Rumple had been right, magic is power. Gracie was now one of the most feared in the land, along side of her Mother. Being feared made her powerful, and being powerful got her anything she wanted.

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