Chapter 24

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The Enchanted Forest Many Years Ago

A huge, dark palace looked over the forest. It was peaceful and undisturbed, but it wouldn't be soon. A blue swirl of smoke appeared in front of the castles doors, and as it evaporated Gracie remained where the smoke was. She pulled the green hood off her head revealing her dark curls. Gracie's heart pounded in her chest. She wasn't sure what might happen to her or her parents, but she had to confront Regina.

With a slow motion of her hands the palace doors slid open. She entered as she shut the doors behind her. Gracie quietly walked down the empty halls, not one person was in sight. She never realized till now how lonely Regina's castle was. Snow and Charming's was always filled with people they were close with. All Regina had was an occasional guard that never wanted to talk.

Gracie found her way to a room that had once been cozy and safe. Now it felt like a prison cell. Every memory she had in here felt fake, like she was living a lie. Which Gracie indeed was. She began to pack her things into a bag. Of course she couldn't bring everything, but she only wanted a few things that she treasured. As Gracie sorted through her things she heard her door creak open. She didn't turn around or stop what she was doing.

"Gracie?" Regina asked, "Where did you go? I was worried to death."

Gracie made no effort to answer.

"Sweetie, what are you doing?"

Gracie remained silent as she turned around. A glass apple shimmered with magic in her hand. Images of Regina and Gracie flashed inside the apple. It was a gift from Regina for her fifth birthday. The magic displayed images that were memories Gracie had. Regina looked down at the apple and smiled.

"That was always my favorite little trinket of yours," Regina said.

Gracie held it up to her face. A picture of Regina and Gracie practicing magic flashed on it, both had a huge smile.


Gracie thought. Everything was a lie. Her whole life was one big lie. Gracie looked up at Regina, a mixture of hatred and hurt was present on her face.

"Gracie what's the matter?" Regina asked concerned, "Are you alright?"

Gracie looked down at the apple once again. Another image flashed on. Gracie's hand clenched, then in one quick motion she threw the apple to the ground. The apple shattered into pieces and the magic disappeared in a puff of smoke. Regina gaped at Gracie.

"Why did you do that?" Regina asked, her voice stern, "What is the matter with you?"

"How could you?" Gracie asked.

Regina looked at her confused.

"How could you trick your own child into forgetting everything about herself?" Gracie's small voice became louder, "Oh wait! That's right! I'm not even your real daughter."

"How did you find out?" Regina's eyes widened in shock.

"Rumple took the spell off me," Gracie told her, "I just wanted to see your face when you found out the spell was broken."

"You are a wicked little girl," Regina yelled.

"Look who's talking!" Gracie yelled back, "I was raised by you! Why do you think I'm like this?!"

"That damn Snow always ruining my life."

"You stole her daughter away from her," Gracie lowered her voice, "You took me away from my parents. And now it's my choice to go with them."

"I raised you Gracie," Regina looked broken, "I loved you when no one else would."

"You raised me because you had no choice," Gracie responded, "I may be 9, but I'm not dumb. I know you didn't really want me. You only took me for revenge. Well congratulations, if your revenge was hurting me then you succeeded."

Regina didn't say anything. She sank into Gracie's bed, head hanging low. Gracie has never seen Regina look so defeated. Gracie bent down and stared at once was the glass apple. It's sharp pieces scattered across the floor, a few slivers were almost too small to see. Gracie picked up a handful of the glass careful not to cut her hands. The pieces glimmered gold for a split second as the apple reappeared in her hand, as if it was never broken. Gracie slipped it in her bag without Regina noticing. She buttoned it closed and swung it over her shoulder, its contents heavier than Gracie thought.

"So that's it?" Regina asked, "After all these years you're leaving? After everything I've done for you? I was your Mother when you needed one most. You're just going to forget the fact that I raised you to become who you are?"

Gracie looked down at her feet, catching a glimpse of her now blackened pendant. The pendant had once been blue, but as Gracie's heart turned dark so did the necklace. The wolf that wrapped around it never changed. It still looked as fierce as always.

"I don't like who I am, you turned me into something horrible and I must change my ways," Gracie admitted.

Gracie had loved the power she got with being one of the most feared in the kingdom, but after a while she slowly wished she could be a normal child again. Gracie hid these wished for she didn't want to disappoint Regina.

"Maybe if you hadn't lied things would be different," Gracie made her way to Regina, "If you really care about me you want what's best for me, and this is it. I love you, Mother, but I don't love the way you are."

Gracie didn't wait another second before leaving the room. Regina watched as her whole world walked right out of her life. Her fists clenched as she stood, an angry look plastered on her face.

"I will get you back Gracie, if it is the last thing I do."


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