Chapter 33

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Gracie reappears in her bedroom, a little surprised that Gold hadn't sent her somewhere dangerous. She quickly goes throughout the house in search for Regina. When she isn't anywhere to be found Gracie rushes out the front doors.

Gracie makes her way down the street, trying to figure out her next plan. She doesn't know what to do. She knows Rumple can help, but he's out of the question at this point. She spots Regina and Emma going into the clock tower and picks up her pace. They must have a plan by now if they're both working together, right?

Gracie bursts through the doors, catching Regina by surprise.

"Gracie, what are you doing here? Where have you been?" Regina asks, taking a step towards her.

"No time to explain," Gracie replies, trying to push away all the newfound memories of Regina, "Where did Emma go?"

Regina turns to face the elevator shaft. Without saying anything, Gracie already knows what Regina is saying.

"What exactly is she doing down there?"

"Battling an old friend of mine to get the potion of true love to wake up Henry."

"You let her go by herself?!" Gracie yelled, hurrying over to the elevator shaft, "She's new to all of this!"

"Gracie I know wha-"

Before Regina could finish her sentence, Gracie vanished in a cloud of blue smoke. She reappears down below the clock tower. There's little light to illuminate the way, just the small dim of her necklace. The large cave echoes with the noise of gunfire, and without a second to think, Gracie runs off after it. She comes up to an old casket, the glass broken and covered in dust. She brushes her hand over it, she knows who this casket was once for. Her Mother.

As Gracie moves along her boot hits an object on the floor, sending it skidding. She picks up the object, and once again immediately knows who it belonged to. Her Father's sword. The one he had used when teaching her how to sword fight. The first sword she ever used. She feels a sudden longing for her old life in the Enchanted Forest. Gracie brushes this feeling aside and continues her search for Emma.

Another gunshot is heard, and Gracie picks up her pace at a full sprint. It takes her less than a minute to find her sister. It was hard to miss the huge, fiery dragon trying to kill her. Emma hides behind a pillar as a fireball of smoke comes hurdling toward her. Gracie can feel the intense heat from where she stands a few yards away. The ground beneath the dragon gives out, sending it plummeting down into the ravine. She watches as Emma comes out from behind the pillar, making her way over to the ravine. Emma is naïve, thinking the battle is over, but Gracie knows better.

"Emma get back!" Gracie screams just as the dragon shoots up out of the ravine, knocking Emma backwards.

Emma quickly ducks as another fireball comes towards her, just nearly missing it. She hurries over to Gracie, out of breath.

"What are you doing down here?" Emma asks.

"Not the time for chit chat," Gracie pushed the sword into Emma's handing, then making her own appear, "I'll distract it. You go for the glowing part in it's neck."

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