Chapter 1

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The Enchanted Forest Many Years Ago

A small bundle was placed in Snow White's arms. Her smile was bigger than it had ever been, she was filled with joy. Prince Charming stood beside Snow with a smile just as bright. The small bundle squirmed, making a small squeaking sound.

"What are we going to name her?" Charming asked while gently lifting the baby up.

"I was thinking Gracie," Snow's heart melted at the sight of her love holding their baby.

"Princess Gracie, the most graceful of them all," Charming smiled down at his daughter, "I love it."

The Prince put Gracie down in a cradle next to the bed. Snow rocked the small cradle to keep the child calm. Gracie remained peacefully sleeping as her parents continued to talk.

"We have to be willing to do anything for her," Snow looked up at Charming with worry in her eyes, "we can't raise her with a fear that an Evil Queen is going to ruin her life."

"Whatever it takes to keep her safe we'll do," Charming's hand fell upon the sword in its sheath, "I'll do anything for her."

"I hope you do mean that," The Blue Fairy appeared out of thin air, startling both Charming and Snow, "for it may take a lot for your child to remain safe and unharmed."

"What do you mean?" Charming shouted, causing Gracie to cry, "Is our child cursed?"

Snow picked up the crying child, holding the baby close to her chest in fear that if she let go, she'd never hold her again.

"No, no she is not cursed," Blue confirmed, but her worried look did not ease the couples worries, "but there is other things to be feared. Your daughter possess a rare magic, both dark and light. This is a powerful magic that some would do anything to get their hands on."

Charming's eyes went dark as he realized what the fairy was saying.


"Yes, and of course Regina as well," Blue looked at the expressions of the clearly upset parents, "there is one thing you can do to ensure Gracie's safety."

"What is it?" Snow was nearly about to cry, "We will do anything."

"To keep your child safe you must leave her in the care of someone from the village. Her magic will be hidden with the people who don't posses any magic. Of course if you want you can keep her with you, but it'll be harder to keep her safe," Blue explained, "you guys can have time to think about it. At the age of 2 she can return home with you, but until then she must be with the townsfolk."

A tear ran down Snow's face, Charming looked down at Gracie. Her green eyes were open and staring back at him.

"If it keeps her safe," Charming stopped and let out a sigh, not even wanting to say the words, "we will give her up."

"I knew you'd make the right choice," Blue forced a fake smile, "you have a week before she should be with her guardians."

With one wave of her wand the Fairy disappeared into the air. The room was quiet, the news still settling in. Charming refused to look down at his daughter, for if he did he would never be able to leave her.

"We will find you one day," Snow whispered to Gracie, another tear rolling down her cheek, "we're Charming's. And Charming's always find each other."

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