Chapter 11

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Gracie placed a drawing on the tray belonging to a hospital patient. Mary-Margaret had taken her class to the hospital, she thought it would make the patients happy to have some cheerful kids around. The patient picked up the drawing, it was a small dog sleeping on a couch.

"This looks just like my little guy," the patient smiled, "did you draw this?"

"Yes, sir, I did!" Gracie said, "Last time we were here you were talking about him and showed me a picture. I thought it would make you happy to have a new picture of him."

"You have a talent, little one," the Patient said, "not only can you draw but you can make anyone feel better in the blink of an eye."

Gracie flashed her bright smile. She kissed the man's hand before moving on to the next patient. Her classmate scurried around placing flowers and drawing everywhere. The hospital was bright, the patients loved it. Gracie spotted Henry and her teacher in a sectioned off room. They were standing before a man, the name tag on his bed read John Doe. Gracie had always seen him every time she went to the hospital. He always remained in the same spot, not moving or anything. She always wondered where he had come from, and who he was. Maybe he had a loving family, or maybe he was all alone.

Henry followed Mary-Margaret out of the room. She shut the door behind him and smiled down at Gracie.

"How's it going?" She asked, looking around at the rest of her students.

"Wonderful!" Gracie bounced on her toes, "People love my drawings!"

"Of course they do," Mary-Margaret said.

She walked away from Gracie to help another student hang a poster. Gracie felt her wrist being tugged, and nearly fell as she was dragged to the sectioned- off room. Henry had been the one pulling her, and he was now staring through the glass into the room.

"You know who he is?" Henry sounded excited.

"Let me guess, he's someone from your storybook?" Gracie asked while crossing her arms.

"You know me too well," Henry smiled, "he's Prince Charming!"

"Yeah, okay," Gracie responded, walking away from the window unamused.

"You and Emma are so stubborn!" Henry shouted to Gracie, then mumbled to himself, "It must run in the family."


Gracie sprinted towards Henry's castle, her hair falling out of her pigtails and jacket half buttoned. She spotted Henry and Emma up on the castle.

"We have to get her to read the story to John Doe," she heard Henry say, "then, maybe he'll remember who he is."

Gracie jumped up to the top of the castle, startling both Emma and Henry.

"What are you talking about?" Gracie asked while straightening out her jacket.

"We're going to have Ms. Blanchard read the storybook to John Doe," Henry told her, the said storybook opened on his lap.

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