Chapter 19

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Storybrooke had once been a boring place to Gracie. Everyday had felt the same, and everyday she wish something new would happen. However, all of that changed when Emma came to town. Crazy things kept occurring with each minute Emma stayed in town. Gracie really didn't want to believe Henry and his fairytale nonsense, but with each passing hour it was beginning to seem like the only logical explanation.

Just a few days ago Mary Margaret was living normally and teaching her class. It was nearly impossible to believe the innocent school teacher was now locked up in jail for being the accused murder of Katherine Nolan. Gracie was stunned when Regina had told her the news. Without Regina's permission, Gracie ran to the sheriffs office to see it for herself. Her heart dropped when she saw her fragile-looking teacher behind the bars.

"Gracie sw-" Mary Margaret began to say before Emma stepped in front of her.

"Hey kid, I don't think you should be here," Emma bent down to Gracie's level.

Gracie peered past Emma to get a glance of Mary Margaret.

"Did she really do it?" Gracie asked.

"I can't give away any information, sorry Gracie," Emma sighed, "who knows if Regina put you up to this."

Gracie crossed her arms over her chest and held her head high, "Regina did not put me up to this, I just want to know what is going on with my teacher."

Emma stood up and peered down at the small child. She held her stance, not moving an inch. Emma couldn't help but smile, Gracie was stubborn and reminded Emma of herself.

"Emma, I know this sounds crazy but you can trust Gracie, she could even help you," Mary Margaret spoke up, "she may be young but she's probably the smartest one in this town."

Gracie gave Emma a little smirk.

"I can't believe I'm seeking help from a 10 year old," Emma sighed and sat behind her desk.

Gracie gave a faint laugh as she stood beside Emma, letting the sheriff explain everything that has happened so far. From finding Katherine's heart in the box with Mary-Margaret's fingerprints to the hunting knife Emma had found in a heating vent. The signs all pointed to Mary Margaret but just like Emma, Gracie didn't believe she could possibly be Katherine's killer.

"I think Regina framed her," Emma said after showing Gracie all the evidence.

"My Mother?"

Emma gave a nod. Gracie rested her chin in her hand, pondering over all the information Emma gave her. She didn't think Regina would frame Mary-Margaret, but at the same time she had always noticed a small ounce of hatred behind Regina's fake smile every time they had been in her presence. It was the same way she looked at Emma and it was quite obvious Regina strongly disliked the sheriff.

"You might be right," Gracie agreed, "but you can't testify against her without evidence. And so far, the only evidence points to Mary Margaret."

Emma's fingers tapped on her desk as she thought. Gracie hadn't realized she was doing the same thing. The two girls were interrupted by someone entering the small room. Gracie looked behind her to be greeted by Mr. Gold.

"Hello there, Gracie," he said with a sly smile, "your Mother sent me to pick you up. Said she and Henry are doing a few things and she needed someone to watch you."

Gracie crossed her arms and frowned, "Emma's watching me. And if Mother has a problem with that tell her I'm not a baby and I can handle myself."

"Sorry, dearie, but I can't go against your Mothers orders, she is the Mayor after all," Mr. Gold motioned with his hand for Gracie to come.

Gracie let out a huff of air in annoyance and followed behind Mr. Gold. This wasn't the first time Regina had Mr. Gold watch Gracie. And although Gracie didn't enjoy it at all, Gold did. It reminded him of the good old days when Gracie was truly a young girl and she needed to be taught by him. But now, she was just a normal girl with no magic.

"Why does Mother always make you watch me and not Henry?" Gracie asked as they reached the pawn shop Mr. Gold owned.

"Perhaps she thinks you're too misbehaved to be on your own."

"Perhaps she thinks you're to grouchy and old and maybe a young, bright child will make you more cheerful," Gracie said, stunning Mr. Gold.

"How about we make a deal," Gold looked down at Gracie, "you be a good little girl for the rest of the time your here and I'll give you any item in the shop you want."

"No deal."

Mr. Gold sighed. He watched Gracie settle into a chair in the corner, playing with a few trinkets that laid near by. Gracie was usually a quiet child, never talking back or disobeying. But with another glance back at the young girl Gold saw it. The fire in her eyes and the small blue glimmer from her necklace. Gold knew what this meant. The curse was weakening on her, and Princess Gracie was starting to show through. Gracie was turning back into the fiery, stubborn girl she had once been 28 years ago. Mr. Gold smiled. The curse was breaking.

An hour of reading an old, dusty book passed by painfully slow. Gracie fidgeted in her seat as Gold shuffled around his shop. She stood up from the chair and stretched before walking over to Gold.

"I think I left my sweater at the Sheriffs office can I go get it?" Gracie asked, giving her smile that was almost impossible to say no to.

"Alright but be back quickly," Gold said, "and don't stop anywhere. Come straight back here."

Gracie was out the door quickly and ran right into Emma.

"Oh sorry Gracie," Emma said, giving her a hand up, "you heading somewhere?"

"Yeah I have to go grab my jacket from your office," Gracie said as she brushed off the pebbles from her hands.

"Alright, don't mess around with anything!"

"Don't worry!" Gracie shouted as she sprinted down the sidewalk.

Gracie made it to the sheriffs office in no time. The room was quiet except for Gracie's faint footsteps. She spotted her blue sweater quickly and grabbed it. The air was getting chilly, and she was glad the sweater was warm from being inside. Gracie turned off the light and went for the door.


She jumped and spun around. The sudden noise in the quiet room frightened her. When she turned around she was surprised to see who was with her.

"Mary Margaret?"

"You're coming with me."


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