Chapter 22

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The Enchanted Forest Many Years Ago

"So you will help us?" Snow asked eagerly.

"No, I am not helping you, I am helping Gracie," Rumple pointed to the little girl who had no clue he was here.

"And what's your price?" Charming asked, "There's always a deal to be made with you."

Rumple brought his hand up to his chin as he thought about it.

"If I bring back her memories you have to promise to take good care of her and allow her to have lessons at least three times a week," Rumple concluded.

Gracie's well-being was Rumple's only concern at the moment. He knew that giving back her memories could hurt her emotionally, because although she'll remember her parents she will also remember Regina. Rumple wasn't sure if Gracie would stay with Snow and Charming, Regina had been her Mother almost all her life.

"That's it?" Charming asked, shocked they didn't have to go on a quest to do something ridiculous.

"Do we have a deal or not?"

"Yes. We have a deal."

Rumple held up his hand and in a blink of an eye an object appeared in them. It was a tiny baby blanket, and the sight of it brought tears to the couples eyes. Gracie's name was sewed in the corner, the outer edges were pink.

"What will this blanket do?" Charming asked while holding back his emotions.

"Regina trapped Gracie's memories inside of this," Rumple said, "a silly object, but it's what she picked."

Rumple left Snow and Charming to go to Gracie. Her head hung low, defeated. Rumple had never seen her like this and it pulled at his heart. He hated himself for letting Gracie become a weakness of his, but there was no way he couldn't be attached to the child. She was his determined, little prodigy. Gracie brought a light into his dark life.

"Dearie?" Rumple whispered.

Gracie's head shot up at the familiar voice with a tiny smile. Her eyes glimmered with relief.

"Do you remember this?" Rumple asked and laid the blanket down between them.

Gracie shook her head.

"It was your baby blanket," Rumple told her, "Do you know who gave it to you?"

Another shake of her head.

"Your parents, Snow White and Prince Charmimg," he answered.

He received no answer. Gracie was tired of this. She didn't want to hear about them anymore.

"Gracie, can you look at the blanket for me, just study it and tell me if you notice anything."

Gracie did as she was told. She stared at her blanket. Gracie didn't understand why she was doing this but didn't have the energy to put up a fight. The blanket glimmered, and Gracie thought it was just her mind playing tricks. But when she saw it again she knew it was enchanted with magic. Before she could pull her eyes away an image burst through her mind, followed by more. Suddenly she was being overwhelmed with memories. Not only memories, flashbacks from when she was just a tiny baby being held in her parents arms. She nearly fell back from being overwhelmed but Rumple held her in place. Gracie looked up from the blanket to see her parents standing in the doorway. Rumple carefully undid the chain around Gracie's wrist. She stood up and stared at her parents. Snow had tears built up in her eyes and her hand was grasped in Charming's. They stared at their daughter with hope, hope that it worked. Hope that they could go home today as a family.

"Mother?" Gracie took a step toward them, "Father?"

"Yes Gracie," Snow said, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Gracie ran to them and wrapped her arms around their waists. Charming bent down and picked her up easily with his one arm. The small family held each other close. Rumple remained in his spot and watched. The Gracie he knew was back. The glimmer in her eyes was back. And as the child was clasped between her real parents she felt guilt. Guilty for all the hurt she put her parents through, but also guilty for hurting Regina. She knew Regina would shatter when she found out Gracie's memories were revived. But, it didn't matter to her right now. All Gracie wanted was to be with her parents.

"I love you," Gracie said barely above a whisper.

"We love you too," Snow and Charming said in unison.

Charming glanced over to Rumple and mouthed a 'thank you'. Rumple gave a nod of his head and disappeared in a flash of magic.

"Let's go home."


Snow and Charming lead Gracie through their palace until they reached a small room with three doors on each side. Snow opened the door to the left, revealing a beautiful room. Gracie smiled, knowing right away this was her room.

"We kept a room for you here," Charming said, "We knew you would return one day."

Gracie walked into her room, looking around at all the small details. She opened her closet to reveal beautiful outfits. On the wall near her bed hung a rack where various weapons hung. Of course, her favorite weapon, a bow with arrows hung on the wall. She smiled, this is exactly how she pictured her life would be. A beautiful room in a beautiful palace with her parents, her real parents. The couple smiled as they watched their daughter explore her room. Gracie stopped suddenly and turned around.

"Your heart, I took it," Gracie cried out, "I have to go get it from Mother."

"It's fine, Gracie, we got it back when we got you," Snow told her.

She was a bit hurt Gracie had just called Regina 'Mother'. But, she knew Regina had raised Gracie and was a Mother to her all those years. Snow didn't want to think about all the years they lost, she only wanted to think about now.

"I have to do something," Gracie said as she walked up to her parents, "I have to go talk to Mo- Regina."

"Do you have to now?" Charming asked, "You just got here."

"Please I have to," Gracie begged, "I promise I'll come back."

Charming and Snow nodded their head and watched their little girl disappear once again. They knew she'd come back, but it still hurt to see her go.



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