Chapter 31

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The telltale sound of bells jingling signaled to Mr. Gold that someone had entered his shop. His back was to the door, but the soft footsteps told him who his visitor was.

"Gracie," he turned around quickly and looked down fondly at the usually bright eyed girl, "What brings you here, dearie? Is your Mother causing problems? She's quite a piece of work."

"You'll have to be more specific," Gracie said, receiving a confused look, "One of my Mom's doesn't remember who I am. My other Mom is the reason she doesn't remember. Both are a bit problematic, you see?"

Gracie saw a spark in Mr. Gold's eyes, "You remember?"

"Yes indeed I do. I remember all the good times we had, you were basically the Father I didn't have growing up," Gracie's eyes darkened as she met Mr. Gold's eyes, "But I also remember when you betrayed me, Rumplestiltskin. When you lost another child because of your desire to have power."

Gracie saw him wince. She knew she was one of the only people that could ever get a reaction out of him. The only other person that could hurt Gracie to think about.

"I know you're not only here to yell at me," Mr. Gold said, "So tell me, child, what is it you want?"

Gracie picked up a sword and examined it closely, running a finger across the sharp blade. Mr. Gold couldn't deny the fact that this little ten year old was in fact intimidating.

"Henry," Gracie told a step closer to Gold, the sword still in hand, "He's in the same fate as my Mother once was. My real Mother."

"A sleeping curse," Gold said matter-of-factly, "Broken by-"

"True love. Yeah I know."

Rumple held his hands out infront of him, "I don't know why this involves me then."

Gracie placed the sword back down. Gracie ran her finger along the counter until she was standing right infront of Gold. Her finger rose up and pointed at his chest.

"I know you have a potion of true love hidden somewhere in this world. You will tell me where."

"And what makes you so sure, Dearie?"

Gracie didn't respond, she merely snapped her fingers together. Gold's eyes widened as he watched the young girl perform magic, something he hadn't seen in 28 years. Something he thought was missing from the world. An item had appeared on the counter infront of Gracie, covered by a cloth. Gracie picked up the object, not revealing what it was, and held it carefully in her hands.

"You have magic?" Rumple was too distracted by the child's powers to worry about what hidden object Gracie held so carefully, "How?"

Gracie didn't need to answer, the glow of her blue necklace spoke for itself. Rumple's eyes narrowed at it.

"Your magic is limited," he stated, "But you have a great deal of it."

"Yes, I know," Gracie said, "And this little object I hold in my hands gives me even more power."

She removed the cloth and watched at Rumple's face paled. He tried his best to keep his reaction hidden, but failed miserably.

"You think I didn't know where I hid this?" Gracie laughed, turning a dagger over in her hands, "I know you Rumple, better than anyone else knows you. Maybe helping raise me like your own wasn't such a great idea."

Gracie's finger outlined the writing along the blade of the dagger. Rumplestiltskin.

"You and I both know the dagger has no effect on me," Gold said, color returning to his face.

"Then why did you react so poorly?" Gracie questioned, "Because you know when Emma breaks the curse and we return home I will have complete control over you, Dark One, so I suggest you help me."

"My dear Gracie," Gold took a step forward, "There is no home for us to return to."

"What do you mean?" Gracie was thrown off.

"The Enchanted Forest was destroyed," Rumple said, and Gracie saw a flash in his hands, a flash that signaled he was about to use magic.

He snapped his fingers, using up the tiny bit of magic he had conjured up when the child entered, and in a second she was gone.

"And you will be too."


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