Chapter 5

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The ground was soaked from the pouring rain that had just stopped as Emma's small, yellow bug pulled into town.

"So, kid, what about an address?"

"44 not telling you street."

The car came to a quick stop, it's tires screeching a bit. Emma got out of her car, followed by the two kids.

"Look it's been a long night, and it's almost," Emma looked up at the clock tower, "8:15?"

"That clock hasn't moved in my whole life," Henry told her, "time is frozen here."

"That is in fact true," Gracie added, "I've been here longer than Henry and I've never seen it move."

"But you're the same age," Emma looked at Gracie strangely, "there's no way you're older than Henry."

"The Evil Queen did it with her curse," Henry told Emma, "she brought everyone from the Enchanted Forest here."

Gracie sighed heavily, knowing Henry could talk about this for hours.

"Henry I've told you a bunch of times, that story book is fake!" Gracie crossed her arms.

"Stop being stubborn and you'll see the truth," Henry glared at his sister.

The bickering siblings were interrupted by Archie, and his Dalmatian Pongo.

"Henry, Gracie!" Archie shouted out as he approached them, "What are you doing out here? Is everything alright?"

"I'm fine," Henry told him.

"Yeah we're good," Gracie patted Pongo's head.

"Who's this?" Archie smiled at Emma.

"Just someone trying to give them a ride home."

"She's my Mom, Archie," Henry told him.

"Oh I see," he looked down at Gracie, who looked upset, "you'll find yours too one day, Grace."

"You know where they live?" Emma asked, she looked down at Gracie with a slightly sad look.

"Yeah, sure," Archie pointed down the street, "just right up on Mifflin street. The Mayor's house is the biggest on the street."

"You're the mayors kid?" Emma looked down at the kids, who both stared down at the ground.

"Uh, maybe," Henry avoided eye contact.

"Hey, where were you today kids?" Archie asked them, "you both missed your sessions."

"Busy," Gracie gave a short reply as she jumped back into the car.

She pulled her jackets hood over her head and stared at the ground. She felt bad for feeling jealous of Henry, he had been so determined to find Emma, but her whole life she dreamed of finding her real parents. Regina was a great Mother to her but Gracie didn't feel the mother-daughter connection.

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