Chapter 7

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Gracie sat in the back of Ms. Blanchard's classroom painting a birdhouse silently by herself. Mary Margaret held a blue bird in her hand, the students awwed as the bird flew out of their teachers hand. Gracie smiled as she watched the small bird fly away freely. The bell rang for recess, startling Gracie a bit. All her fellow classmates rushed out of the room.

"We'll pick this up after recess!" Ms. Blanchard called out to her students, "No running!"

Gracie started to get up as her Mother pushed through the students.

"There's my Gracie," Regina smiled and kissed her cheek, "next time tell me where you're running to."

Gracie nodded her head and wondered why Regina was here.

"Where's my son?" Regina's tone was serious.

"Henry, I assumed he was home sick with you," Ms. Blanchard replied, which was what Gracie thought as well.

"You think I'd be here if he was?" Regina asked, Emma walked in the class behind her, "Did you give him your credit card so he can find her?"

"Oh, is this his Mother?" Ms. Blanchard asked, but it was mostly aimed towards Gracie.

Gracie nodded sadly, her head hanging down. She turned away from her annoyed Mother to clean up her work area. Emma watched as Gracie completely zoned out of the conversation, as if Gracie was having her own conversation with herself in her head. Gracie met Emma's eyes, and Emma realized they truly did have the same eyes like Henry said. Gracie went back to cleaning up her mess, Emma turned her attention back to the conversation.

"They're lonely, both Henry and Gracie," Ms. Blanchard brought Gracie's attention back into the conversation.

"This isn't about Gracie, and what Henry needs is a dose of reality," Regina turned and knocked down some books, "have a nice trip back to Boston."

Gracie rushed to Emma's side to help clean the mess.

"Gracie lets go," Regina called into the classroom.

Gracie gave a sorry look and sprinted out of the classroom. She caught up with Regina, who looked down at her angrily.

"Don't ever run off again, do you here me?" Regina kept walking at a fast pace making it hard for Gracie to keep up.

"Yes, Mother," Gracie mumbled, "I'm sorry."


Henry and Gracie kneeled by the window, both had their head resting on their chin.

"What's so important about the clock?" Gracie asked.

"Just wait and see, Gracie," Henry didn't take his eyes off the clock.

Gracie watched as the clock ticked, a minute moved forward on the clock. Gracie stared at the clock, amazed it actually moved. Henry smiled, and it grew bigger with every second that went by.


The next morning Regina walked into Gracie's room after having a talk with Henry. She watched the small child fix her hair bow that held her dark hair in pig tails.

"Your brother already went off to school," Regina sat on Gracie's bed, "you don't want to be late."

"What do you want?" Gracie turned around with a sigh.

"You don't believe in Henry's story's from his book do you?" Regina fixed one of Gracie's bows, her eyes landed on her new necklace, "Where did you get this?"

"Ma. Blanchard gave it to me," Gracie said as she smiled down at the necklace.

"This woman needs to stop giving my children things," Regina stood up from the bed.

"It's just a necklace, what's the big deal?" Gracie shrugged.

"Get to school before you're late," Regina handed Gracie her bag and pushed her towards the door.

Gracie rushed out the door, happy to get away from Regina.

Gracie was outside of the school when she spotted Emma and Henry walking towards her. Her smile fell, which Emma noticed right away. Henry ran past his sister and into the school, leaving Gracie and Emma outside.

"You never seem happy to see me," Emma walked up to Gracie and looked down at her, "and I think I know why."

"And why is that?" Gracie asked.

"You feel alone, your brother found his Mother and you're still stuck without answers," Emma's eyes were filled with sorrow, "you don't feel loved do you?"

Gracie shook her head, "Mother doesn't truly love me. She adopted me out of pity."

"Keep your chin up, kid," Emma smiled, "you'll find your answers."

"Have you been in this position before?" Gracie was curious as to how Emma knew how she was feeling.

"More times than I can count," Emma bent down to Gracie's height, "we can talk later, okay? You need to get to class."

Gracie smiled and ran off into school. Mary Margaret walked up to Emma as her student ran past her.

"It's good to see their smiles back."

"I didn't do anything," Emma watched Gracie and Henry talking as they walked through the doors.

"You stayed."


A/N I'm sorry this chapter wasn't good! It was just a filler I guess! I promise this book will get better!

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