Chapter 2

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Storybrooke Many Years Ago

A small, 10 year old girl sat on her bed staring out the window. She watched the people of the small town everyday, wishing she could go be one of them living a normal life.

"Mother, why can't I go out there with all the other kids?" The child asked.

She turned around to look at the woman staring in the mirror, applying her usual red lipstick.

"Sweetie we've been over this," the woman sighed, "I don't want you getting brain washed by the crazy people of this town. Isn't going to school good enough for you?"

"I want to be a normal kid."

"You're not normal," the woman sat next to her daughter, "you're very special, Gracie. And that's why I want to keep you safe. Now go get ready for school."


"Do you think I'm a bad mother?"

The mayor walked into her office and took a seat at her desk. She turned to her assistant.

"Of course not, Regina," he replied to her, "you're doing what's best for her."

"Do you think Gracie feels lonely?" Regina asked as she took papers out of a file.

"I don't think a sibling would be a bad idea," Sidney said barely above a whisper.

Regina slammed her hands down on her desk, "You know that's not possible!"

"I meant adoption, Ms. Mills, like how you got Gracie," Regina's actions didn't phase Sidney, he was used to it.

Regina leaned back in her chair, thinking about what her assistant said.

"I'll think about it."


While Regina was busy in her office, Gracie was busy as well at school. She had lots of friends, Gracie was very likable, and she was a great student. School was her favorite thing. It was the only time she could leave her house without her Mother.

Gracie finished her painting of two blue jays. Her talent had always stunned her teacher. The class all claimed Gracie was a teachers pet.

"Gracie your painting is beautiful."

"Thank you, Ms. Blanchard," Gracie smiled up at her teacher.

"I was thinking about displaying some of your art at the annual art show," Ms. Blanchard kneeled down to Gracie's level, "how would you like that?"

"I don't know if Mother would let me go," Gracie's smile fell, Ms. Blanchard's heart broke a bit.

"Well when she comes to pick you up I'll talk to her, okay?"

Gracie responded with a small nod. She continued to work on her painting for the remainder of class. As the bell rang her classmates hurried out of the classroom, Ms. Blanchard started cleaning up the art supplies and Gracie joined her. Gracie always stayed after class for about fifteen minutes, Regina didn't want her taking the bus home.

"Thank you Gracie," Ms. Blanchard finished washing the last paint brush, "you're always a big help."

"I'd do anything to help you," Gracie wraps her arms around Ms. Blanchard's waist, causing both the girls to smile.

The small girl pulled away and continued to clean up her area. She laid her artwork near the window to dry as Regina walked through the door.

"Gracie, how was your day?" Regina asked her, giving her a quick hug.

"It was good, we got to paint more," Gracie responded while gesturing to her artwork.

"That's beautiful sweetie," Regina smiled as Ms. Blanchard walked over.

"I actually wanted to talk to you about her art," she said, putting a hand on Gracie's shoulder.

"I wanted to talk with you as well, Gracie go stand in the hallway for a minute," Regina pulled Gracie away from Ms. Blanchard and walked her to the door.

Gracie did as she was told and sat by the door in the hallway. In the classroom Regina sat across from Ms. Blanchard at her desk.

"Does Gracie ever seem lonely to you?" Regina asked her.

Regina hated getting advice from Ms. Blanchard, also known as Mary Margaret. But, Regina knew that in this world Ms. Blanchard had no clue what she had done.

"Well she has a lot of friends, but she does has seemed a little distant recently," Ms. Blanchard told the worried mother.

"I don't know what to do with her," Regina rested her head in her hands, "she's so adventurous and wants to see the world."

"Maybe you have to let her go a bit," Ms. Blanchard suggested, "one day she's going to go out in the real world and not know what to do."

Regina lifted her head up a bit.

"Maybe you're right."

"Maybe you can start by letting her attend the art show here at school?" Ms. Blanchard asked, "I want her to display one of her amazing works. But, I want it to be one that means something to her, so she'd have to stay after school with me to paint it."

"I guess that would be alright," Regina sighed.

Ms. Blanchard smiled and thanked her. Regina gave a quick smile on her way out the door. She held her hand out to Gracie, who took it, and they walked out of the school together.

"I have great news for you."


"What am I thinking?" Regina paced around her bedroom, "letting her spend time with her actual Mother? I'm crazy!"

She laid down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling.

"It's fine, they don't remember anything. I'm her Mother, not Mary Margaret."

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