25 [end]

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"wow~ school was AMAZING!" wohee exclaimed, walking side by side with jungkook through the hallway of the school.

jungkook chuckled.

"you're the first person i know that really likes school." he said.

"what? oh and who was that talking to you a while ago? the one you call 'hyung'?" she asked.

jungkook looked at wohee, furrowing his eyebrows.


wohee giggled.

"he is so good-looking!" she exclaimed, covering her cheeks.

jungkook's jaw drop.

"yah! you can't look at other guy other than me!" he said and stopped walking. he grabbed wohee's shoulder and turned her to him so that they are facing each other.

"hey, you're mine. and im yours. remember that!" he said.

wohee burst out laughing.

"you're jealous!"

jungkook's cheeks went pink. all the students' eyes were on the two of them, looking at wohee who was laughing loudly. he hold her hand then pulled her to the school gate.

"wohee ah! that's not funny okay. and of course im jealous. you're my girlfriend and you just said that jimin hyung is good looking in front of me." he said, pouting. they are now at the school gate waiting for jin to pick them up.

wohee stopped laughing and smiled sweetly at him.

"aigoo~ sorry jungkook ah." she said then pinch his cheeks.

"so his name is jimin." wohee said then pulled her hands from his cheeks.

"kim wohee. don't even try to talk to him." jungkook warned, jealous.

wohee giggled. she then tiptoed and kissed jungkook lightly on the cheek.

"of course not. i'll probably forget about his existence soon." she said.

jungkook's eyes softened after hearing what wohee just said. she still have the amnesia. but, thank god she can remember him. he felt lucky because she fell in love with him too.

18th of march in the morning

jungkook went out from the guest room after finished showering and wearing his school uniform.

he walked to dining room where wohee and jin were eating breakfast.

jin saw him and called for him to eat.

"jungkook ah, come. let's eat!" he said.

jungkook looked at wohee who was smiling happily at him then looked back at jin.

"but, before i can do that, can someone explain what's happening?" he asked, desperate for an explanation.

wohee giggled and jin smiled at him.

"okay, sit down first.'" jin said.

jungkook sat down.

"okay, remember what i told you last night?" jin began.

jungkook shook his head.

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