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16th of march

jungkook woke up then took a shower and then ate breakfast with his parents.

after that. as usual, he go to school.

while he was in his classroom, the scene where he confessed that he liked wohee keep replaying on his mind.


"because i like her." jungkook said.

taehyung and suga stayed quiet.

then, taehyung spoke.

"isn't there a cure for her?"

jungkook looked at taehyung.

"no." he said.

"ohh." taehyung said.

"if there's no cure, i suggest you should try to forget about her. even if you gave her everything, she won't remember you." suga said.

jungkook didn't say anything.

the drive home was silent.


jungkook snapped to reality when the teacher came in.

then, the teacher started talking.

jungkook took out his notebook where he writes about wohee. he then wrote everything that happened on the day he knew about wohee's illness and he also wrote about yesterday where he confessed to his best friends that he like wohee.

he, himself didn't know what's the point of him writing this. he spent the class writing, not paying attention to class.


jin's POV

im currently teaching some English grammar to wohee at our house. in this case, wohee won't forget about the lessons that she learned everyday because since she was little she is a smart girl. and she can solve the unsolvable question without knowing or remembering the formula. this is what im proud  about her the most.

after i finished teaching her. i was planning to ask her if she remember jungkook's name. i wanted to ask her this question because of what she asked me yesterday, that made me curious and confused. i mean, is she getting better or what?

"wohee ah?" i called her.

she looked at me while sitting at the sofa.

i walked slowly and sat beside her on the sofa.

"do you remember anyone name jungkook?" i asked.

just as i said jungkook's name, her face changed.

it looks like she was surprised or shocked but she remained calm.

"j-jungkook?" she asked.

i nodded.

suddenly, she looked away from me and holds her head. she was in pain.

"ouch, my head hurts." she said.

i moved closer to her and hold her shoulder.

"wohee ah, are you okay?" i asked.

she holds her head and told me that she had a headache.

i hurriedly went to the kitchen and took some medicine for her.

i came back to her and gave her the medicine and a glass of water for her to drink.

after she ate the medicine, she sighed as sign of relief.

"i think i need some rest, oppa." she said then went to her bedroom.

what is going on? maybe i should tell her doctor about this. i thought.

end of jin's POV

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