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14th of march

jungkook bid goodbye to his parents before leaving his house.
he walked to wohee's house.

when he arrived at wohee's house. he knocked the door.

knock knock

the door was opened by jin.

jin widened his eyes as he saw jungkook.

"what are you doing here?" jin asked.

"i seriously need an explanation." jungkook replied.

jin scoffed.

"you're so stubborn." jin stated.

"i don't care. you need to tell me." jungkook blurted out.

"jungkook ah, leave now." jin said.

"she was involved in the accident too right? something's wrong with her." jungkook said referring to wohee.

jin's eyes widened again but after a while his eyes soften.

"why do you want to know, jungkook?" jin asked with a soft tone.

"because i.." jungkook stopped.

jin looked at jungkook, waiting for an answer.

"i want to be friends with her." jungkook continued.

jin rolled his eyes.

"she have me already." jin said.

"im serious, whenever i saw her, she seems so lonely." jungkook said.

jin stayed silent.

"why does she didn't remember me?" jungkook asked.

again, jin stayed silent.

"is she in the house?" jungkook asked again.

"she won't remember you anyway." jin finally spoke.

jungkook stared confusingly at jin.

"why?" jungkook asked.

jin sighed.

"i can't tell you."

jungkook groaned.

"ugh, why don't you just tell me already? is it so hard to te-"

jungkook's word was cutted by jin.


jungkook glared at jin.


"here. i can't tell you here." jin said.

jungkook's eyes soften after hearing jin's words.

"so, you're going to tell me?" he asked.

"wait." jin said then closed the door.

jungkook waited for jin.

after a while, jin came out wearing a black coat.

"let's go." jin said then walked pass jungkook.

"what do you mean? where are we going?" jungkook asked, still standing in front of jin's house.

jin turned around and looked at jungkook with an 'are-you-serious?' face.

"aren't you the one who wants to know why my sister can't remember you?" jin said then continue walking.

jungkook sighed then followed jin.


(a/n: sorry the chapter is getting shorter haha. but i hope you like this story)

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