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jin's POV

"so, what is wrong with wohee?"  jungkook asked me as he eats his ramen.

"well.." i started.

"when i was in college, my parents and wohee wanted to surprise me by taking me to a vacation to jeju island, so they drove to my college to bring me with them but when they were on their way to my college, accident happened and... my parents died.." i stopped for a moment, remembering the face of my parents.

"im sorry." jungkook said.

i shook my head.

"and, wohee.. she survived. but, there are part of her brain that were damaged because of the accident, and she is now currently suffering.. from short-term of memory loss." i said then sighed.

i looked at jungkook and his eyes was widened.

"that's why she doesn't remember you jungkook."

i could see that jungkook was really surprised.

"everything that she experienced today will be forgotten by her tomorrow. she won't remember anything that had happened yesterday. that's why she said she didn't know you on the second day you met." i continued.

"but, what about you? does she forgot about you too?" he asked.

"thankfully, no. she knew me already before the accident happened, so she remember me until now." i replied.

"that's why she always went to the cafe everyday at the exact same time, i think you already noticed that. she made a schedule that whenever she felt like reading, she will always go to the cafe at 2pm to finished her CSI novel. and she reads everyday at the cafe. but she doesn't know that she reads the same page everyday, page 63." i said.

jungkook was really surprised.

"ohh" that's the only thing that came out from his mouth.

"i tried to stop her from going to the cafe everyday because im afraid that she will meet someone and the next day she wont remember anything about that someone, and that someone happens to be you. but, wohee really liked you. and i wanted to thank you for making her happy, even just for one day." i said to him.

he looked at me.

"really?" he asked.

i nodded.

"so, she woke up everyday with amnesia." i sum up.

jungkook looked down.

"i wish i had known her earlier." he said.

then he looked at me again.

"isn't there a cure?" he asked.

i knew that he was going to ask this question. but unfortunately there is no cure.

i shook my head to him.

then he just nodded sadly.

"im sorry jungkook, i know you're upset." i said.

he then looked back at me, bewildered.

"why would you think im upset?" he asked.

i smiled.

"i know that you developed a feeling towards my sister."

he just stayed quiet.

the atmosphere became awkward after i had said that to him. but, i really do noticed that jungkook had a feeling, a special  feeling towards wohee. he really cares about her.

as for wohee, she liked him too.

i took my bowl of ramen and ate it. and jungkook did too.

after we finished eating, i paid for it and jungkook thanked me.

then we both walked home.

end of jin's POV

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