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9th of march

doodling on his notebook, jungkook wasn't paying much attention to his class, to be more specific ; history class.


his phone vibrated. jungkook closed his notebook and took out his phone. there was one text message from taehyung, his best friend along with suga. three of them had been best friend since forever. both of them ; taehyung and suga are older than him, he felt comfortable having them as his best friends or they might be considered as his hyungs.

taetae hyung
yo kookie! suga hyung and i will pick u up after school today, we'll go to suga hyung's fav cafe to celebrate his bday! so, see u soon kook! pay attention to class! :p

jungkook smiled while reading the last sentence.

"pay attention to class! :p"

how am i supposed to pay attention when u texted me while im in the middle of class- plus, this class is too boring. jungkook thought.

"jeon jungkook! please do pay attention! stop daydreaming." mrs na, the history teacher said.

"im sorry mrs na." jungkook apologized.

the day went normal for jungkook, he spent the whole day doodling on his notebook while ignoring whatever the teacher said.


the school bell rang. the sound was quite loud until it annoyed jungkook.

"ugh so loud!" jungkook complained.

after a couple of seconds. the school bell finally stopped ringing.

"finally, school is over." jungkook took out his phone from his school uniform's pocket and walked out from his class. he texted taehyung.

taetae hyung
hyung, im in front of my school gate. where are u guys?


taetae hyung
otw kid ;)

jungkook pressed the back button on the screen of his phone after reading the text from taehyung. he took out his earphone from his backpack and wear it. he attached the earphone to his phone and listened to a couple of songs while waiting for taehyung and suga.

after a while, jungkook saw a familiar car going towards him. he squinted his eyes to get a clearer view of the driver.

"finally, it's them." jungkook stop the song that was currently playing on his phone and put both of his earphone and phone into his pocket.

the car that he saw earlier stopped in front of the school gate and without hesitation, jungkook pulled the car door and get into it.

"hi hyungs." jungkook greeted suga who is driving the car and taehyung who is sitting beside suga.

"oh and happy birthday suga hyung! may god bless you. i love you hyung"
jungkook said, in a sarcastic tone on the two last sentences.

taehyung chuckled.

"you're being sarcastic, remember i took good care of you." suga replied.

taehyung laughed along with jungkook.

"yeah yeah, said the hyung who stole my underwear and didn't admit that it was him when i asked"

jungkook and taehyung both laughed loudly while clutching their stomach.

"shut your god damn mouth or i'll drop both of you here on the road and i won't be taking any of you to the cafe!"

taehyung and jungkook stopped laughing but they were still trying so hard not to laugh.

"alright alright, sorry hyung"
jungkook apologized while holding his laughter.

"hmm you should be grateful because i see both of you as my dongsaengs" suga stated while holding the steering wheel, driving as safely as possible.

"aww hyung, of course we're very grateful for having someone like you in our life, right kookie?" taehyung explained in awe.

jungkook nodded as a sign of agreement that they are grateful to have someone like suga in their life. suga is a loving and a caring hyung, although his language are inappropriate sometimes, he is a really kind person, he even drove both jungkook and taehyung to the cafe.


the bell on the entrance of the cafe rang when the trio went in. the cafe was really peaceful with the soft, calming sound of a piano coming from the speaker and of course, the scent of coffee filled the cafe. the wall on the left side of the cafe was decorated with many polaroid pictures of the customer meanwhile the wall on the right side- well its not a wall but a huge window that is transparent , you can see the town from the cafe through these windows. there is also a bookstore in front of the cafe.

the trio sat at the corner of the left side cafe. suga went to the counter to order their drinks.

"one americano, one espresso, one caramel machiato and three donuts please" suga ordered and pay for the rest of the order.

jungkook and taehyung waited for suga while chatting. while listening to taehyung's story, jungkook's eyes wandered to the sighting of the town through the window, then something caught his eyes- someone caught his eyes.

a girl with long, black, curly hair who is wearing cute white sweater sits beside the window, reading something- probably a novel. jungkook couldn't see her face, only her side view. she have long eyelashes and a well-defined nose. just by looking at her side profile, jungkook had a feeling that she must be really pretty. he couldn't help himself from staring at her.

"jungkook, your caramel machiato is here!" taehyung snapped his finger in front of jungkook, then he drinks his americano. jungkook blinked a couple of times before turning to look back at taehyung, and suga who finished ordering, and now looking at jungkook with a confused look.

"you okay? jungkook?" suga asked.

"uhm yeah yeah, i- i've never been better!" he took his caramel machiato, slightly blushing but taehyung and suga didn't notice that.

"hmm anyway, happy birthday suga hyung! thanks for treating us today although it suppose to be the opposite hehe" taehyung grinned.

"nah, its not a big deal guys, really"

"and sorry hyung, we didn't prepare a birthday cake for you"

"what? nonsense. im too old for cakes"

taehyung and suga kept on talking and laughing about how suga is too old for cakes.

meanwhile, jungkook...
he just couldn't stop staring at her, the girl.

"who is she?"

(a/n: hI i love u thanks for reading ^3^)

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