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seokjin's POV

me and jungkook are currently at the restaurant near the convenience store.

before leaving my house, i told wohee that I'll be meeting an old friend.

jungkook and i ordered ramen and drinks.

i have to tell jungkook about wohee.

i remember the day when wohee told me that she met jungkook.

11th of march


wohee called me after she arrived home from the cafe that she liked so much. the cafe where she go to everyday.

i turned the stove off as i was cooking just now.

"hey, wohee ah. you looked happy today. something good happened?" i asked as i continue to cook.

i heard wohee giggled.

hearing wohee like that makes me happy.

"well, yes! i met a boy today, at the cafe. his name is jungkook, jeon jungkook." wohee spoke.

i nodded and smiled teasingly at her.

"oohh~ someone has a crush now" i joked.

she laughed and covered her face. then she hit my shoulder playfully.

"noo, aish oppa. he is just a friend." she said.

"friend just for now, he might be your boyfriend soon." i joked again.

she hit me again while laughing.

im so happy when she acts like this. i smiled.

"oppa!" she said.

we laughed together at the kitchen.

wohee went to the refrigerator and took a glass of water then drink it.

"so, as i was saying. jungkook is a really nice guy. he sat with me at the cafe. we talked. he is the same age as me. he told me about school too! why won't you let me register to school oppa?" she whined.

i looked at her.

"its better that i became your teacher and home is your school, okay?" i said.

she pouted.

i chuckled.

"yah yah, stop pouting. tell me more about jungkook."

she immediately smiled and started talking about jungkook.

"he is my very first friend. i hope we can be friends forever."

my smile faded when i heard wohee said that. i faked a smile while looking at her and continue to cook.

"and oppa, i think i like him." wohee said.

i smiled at her.

"you grew up so well." i ruffled her hair.

"now, go and take a shower. let's have dinner."

she nodded her head and went to her room.

i prepared the dinner and after i finished preparing. i sighed.

"wohee ah, you won't remember anything about him tomorrow. im sorry." i said to myself.

end of flashback.

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