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when jin and jungkook finally arrived at jin's house. he turned to look at jungkook.

"sorry for being rude to you all these time." jin said, smiling.

jungkook shook his head then bowed.

"no, no, i was the one who should respect you, you're older so im sorry." jungkook said.

"i'll get going now, hope to see you soon." jungkook continued.

"you can just call me hyung if you want." jin said.

jungkook just smiled before leaving jin.

he walked home, with his head hangs low.

jin watched as jungkook walk home.

suddenly, the front door of jin's house opened. making jin flinched, surprised by the creaking sound coming from the door.

jin turned around and saw wohee who was looking at the direction where jungkook was walking.

"wohee ah!" jin called her.

wohee looked at jin with a curious look.

"was that your old friend?" she asked.

jin nodded hesitantly.

"yeah, let's get in." jin said then walked into his house, passing wohee.

"i'll come very soon." wohee said.

she then got out from his house and searched for jungkook but jungkook was no more in her sight. she sighed.

"hmm.. why do i feel like there's something fishy about him." wohee said, but then she shrugged it off and went into her house.


"oppa, what is your old friend's name?" wohee asked jin who is at the living room, watching TV.

jin looked at her sister, he was hesitated to answer but he told her anyway.


wohee stayed quiet after hearing jungkook's name.

jin stared at her sister.

"what's wrong?" he asked.

wohee didn't hear her brother's voice, she was thinking very seriously.

"wohee?" jin asked again.

wohee then snapped to reality and looked at jin.

"huh? i- im sorry oppa." she said.

jin started to worry about her.

"why did you asked his name?" he asked, once again.

wohee looked at jin. not bothering to answer him, she asked jin another question, which made jin shocked.

"have i.. have i met him before?"

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