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jungkook's POV

"i- i can't. please understand, jungkook."

jin said before leaving me then entered the store.

seriously what is going on? i thought.

i sighed and was about to go in the store again but my phone suddenly rang, making me stop from walking to the store.

i took out my phone from my pocket.

it was my mom.
i answered the call.

"hello?" i said.

"jungkook ah, have you bought the fruits yet?" my mom asked from the other line of the phone.

"yes, eomma."

"alright, im just making sure. by the way, where are you jungkook?" my mom asked.

"im still at the grocery store." i replied.

"you should get home now."

"okay eomma okay."

"okay, i need to go now, bye honey~"

"bye eomma."

i put my phone on my pocket then look back at the store.

should i go in and find wohee? i thought.

but since jin was with wohee, he probably don't want me to see her. ugh.

i turned around then walked home.


"thank you for buying me the fruits honey." my mom thanked me while washing the dishes after we had dinner.

i sat on the sofa beside my dad who is reading the newspaper.

i turned around to look at my mom who is at the kitchen that is located behind our living room. "no problem eomma." i said then smiled at my mom.

she smiled back.

i took the remote and turned on the TV. while watching the TV, i glanced at my dad. then i called him.


my dad looked up from the newspaper then looked at me while raising his eyebrow.


"do you know our neighbour, uhm. kim seokjin?"

what am i doing?

"kim seokjin? yes, why? is he your friend or something?" my dad asked.

"uh, n-no. i was just wondering."

my dad looked at me with confused look.

"really? just spit it out son." he said.

"it's just that, do you know anything about him or his family? since you're really close with most of our neighbours."

"well, all i know that his parents died in a car accident few years ago but his sister survived and he is curenntly living with his sister."
my dad spoke.

"huh? what do you mean by 'his sister survived'?" i asked.

"his sister was involved in the accident with both of their parents but she was the only one who was still alive." my dad said.

huh? so, wohee was involved in the car accident too? but, she told me only her parents were involved. i thought, i became very confused.

"what's wrong jungkook?" my dad asked.

"uh, nothing dad. i'll go to my room now."

i stand up and walked upstairs where my room is.

i sat on the edge of my bed and think.

"there is really something wrong with wohee." i said to myself.

then i stood up and took my notebook from my drawer and as usual, i started writing.

13th of march
so, today i talked to jin, wohee's brother, early in the morning. but, when i mentioned wohee, he immediately told me that he gotta go. then, i met him and wohee at the store. wohee said he didn't know me, again. then, jin told me not to speak or meet wohee after this. and then i get to know that wohee was involved in the car accident with her parents too but she survived. im getting really curious and confused about them. im going to wohee's house tomorrow.


end of jungkook's POV

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