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jungkook waited for jin outside.
then, he saw jin walked out from his house.

jin saw jungkook who looks kinda mad?

jin asked him.

"what do you want to talk about jungkook? why were you here?"

jungkook look at jin with a serious expression.

"she doesn't know, right?" jungkook said.

"what do you mean?" jin asked, confused.

"wohee doesn't know about her illness, right? why didn't you tell her?"

jin's eyes widened. then he looked down and his eyes soften. he sighed.

"i just don't want her to know."

"you should've told her!" jungkook said, raising his voice a little.

"it doesn't give any benefits if i told her. she'll forget about it soon. what's the point?" jin said.

jungkook didn't say a word since what jin said was right.

jin looked at him.

"why were you here jungkook?" he asked.

jungkook sighed.

"im sorry again for not respecting you." he said, avoiding jin's question.


jungkook just looked down to his feet.

"im sorry, h-hyung."

jin hold jungkook's shoulder.

"i have something to tell you too."

jungkook looked up to jin.

"what?" he asked.

jin told jungkook about how wohee asked for jungkook's name and her head hurts when she hears his name.

jungkook looked at jin, speechless.

"i went to meet with wohee's doctor today. i told the doctor everything and the doctor said she might be recovering. she might get her memories back." jin said.

"really? but, how? you said there were no cure."

"i know what i said. but, this is a miracle. i just hope she will get her memories back." jin said.

"well, when i was in your house with her, she was really shocked when i shook her hand." jungkook told.

jin stared at jungkook.

"i think this has to do something with you."

suddenly, jungkook's phone rang.
he took his phone and answer it.

"hello? okay eomma, i'll go home now."

he ended the call.

he bowed to jin.

"i had to go, i went here after school ended without telling my parents. so, i'll go now. i'll see you later" he said to jin.

then he left jin.

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