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17th of march

school has ended for jungkook, then he went home. once he arrived at his house, he saw a pair of unfamiliar shoes in front of his front door, along with both of his parents' slipper.

"huh? do we have a guest?" jungkook muttered while taking off his shoes. then, he opened the front door and went straight to the living room.

sitting on the sofa are his parents and sitting in the opposite of his parents is jin.

"jin hyung?" jungkook said loud enough to make his parents turn around to him.

"ah~ jungkook ah, you're home. go change your clothes and join us. this is kim seokjin, our neighbour. he came to visit you." his mother spoke.

he looked at jin and jin smiled to him.

"uh, okay." he replied to his mom then he went upstairs to his room and changed his clothes.

why is jin here? jungkook thought.

he walked downstairs and went to the living room. he sat beside jin.

jungkook gave jin a why-are-you-here look.

"jungkook ah, seokjin here, he said he wanted to meet you. but, since you came home late from school today, eomma and i decided to let him in and we are having tea together while chit chatting." jungkook's father blurted out.

"yeah, and thank god, you're here now!" his mother added.

"ahh okay, okay." jungkook said while nodding his head to his parents.

then he looked back at jin.

"what's up, hyung?" he asked.

jin gave jungkook a look that probably means 'we can't talk in front of your parents'

jin answered "how are you?".

jungkook get the message and turned to looked at his parents.

"eomma, appa. can jin-- seokjin hyung and i hang out?" he asked.

his mother looked at jungkook, eyes widened.

"but, he just got here a minutes ago. shouldn't he stay for a couple of minutes more?" his mother said then drank her tea.

"uh, no no! i uh.." jungkook hesitated, finding for excuses to escape from his parents.

"at least let him finish his tea first, jungkook." his father interrupted.

jungkook sighed. then, he looked back at jin.

"actually, i am currently helping jungkook on math lessons. few days ago, he asked me to tutor him for the subject math, so i agreed. and i was going to pick him up today." jin spoke. making an excuse.

jungkook's mother was surprised.

"jungkook, you didn't tell us that you had a tutor."

jungkook smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of his head.

"sorry eomma."

"well, if in that case. of course you may go." jungkook's father said.

"thank you mr and mrs jeon. the tea was fantastic by the way." jin said then stood up and bowed to jungkook's parents.

jungkook's parents smiled to jin.

"aw, thank you seokjin. if you have the time, come and visit us again soon." jungkook's mother spoke.

"okay, eomma. we'll get going." jungkook said.

then both jin and jungkook went out from jungkook's house.

"what's wrong?" jungkook asked jin.

"you need to come to my house, let's go!" jin answered.

jungkook obeyed jin and they went to his house.


"wait, hyung. is wohee home?" jungkook asked jin when they were currently in front of jin's house.

"yeap, thats why im bringing you here. idiot." jin answered then pushed open the front door.

jungkook followed jin and entered the house. jungkook scanned the living room. but there were no sight of wohee. jungkook then looked at jin.

"so, where exactly is she? and, what do i have to do here?" he asked.

"she is in her bedroom. i told her everything yesterday. and she seems dissapointed in me." jin said.

"i thought she will forget about what i said yesterday, but she just won't come out from her room. this morning, i knocked her door calling her for breakfast. but, when she replied to refused she was still crying." he continued.

"you mean, she remembers?" jungkook asked.

"im not sure yet, because maybe she hadn't sleep last night, that's why she remember." jin answered to jungkook.

"but, what does this had to do with me?" jungkook asked again.

"well, she said your name." jin said.

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows.

"when i called her for breakfast, the only word that came out from her mouth was your name. she's looking for you, jungkook."

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