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wohee's POV

after i finished making tea, i went to the living room where the guy is. then i put the tea on the table in front of the sofa.

i sat on the chair beside the sofa where the guy is sitting.

i watched him as he took a sip of the tea.

then, he smiled to me.

"thank you for the tea." he said.

i just smiled back to him too.

"so, are you my brother's friend or something?" i asked.

he looked at me then nodded a little.

"well, you can say like that."

"ohh, okay." i said.

"im wohee, kim wohee. jin's younger sister." i introduced myself.

then i reach out my hand to him, signalling a handshake.

he just stared at me for a couple of seconds, then he reach out to my hand, shaking it.

"im.. jungkook, jeon jungkook."

as i felt his hand on mine, i saw a vision of this scene happening at my favorite cafe, he was wearing the same uniform as he is now, that looks like a school uniform to me. then just as he told me his name, it struck me.

i gasped and pulled my hand from him as quickly and possible. i looked at him, observing his facial features that are now seem so familiar.

but then my head hurts, again.

"ouch!" i said then looked down, while holding my head.

"are you okay?" he asked.

i nodded my head then i stood up and went to the kitchen to take the medicine.

after i ate the medicine, the pain was gone.

i drank a glass of water. then i looked back to the living room.

that guy was now standing up, looking concerned towards me.

"im sorry, im fine now. its just, my head hurts." i said.

then i walked back to the living room.

i asked him to sit down.

me, as well sat down on the chair.

"wohee?" he called me.

that voice when he called my name, its so familiar.

i looked at him.


he sighed. then he spoke up while looking at me.

"i know about your illness. i know that you're not healthy, and im so sorry for that. i just hope that there will be a cure for you.'

huh? illness? what is this guy talking about?

i looked at him, confused.

"what do you mean illness? im not healthy? is it because my head hurts just now? oh no no, its just a headache. im healthy." i said.

he stared at me with a confused look too.

"you don't know?" he asked.

i furrowed my eyebrows. what do i don't know?

just as i was about to answer his question. jin oppa came in the house.

he looked surprised when he saw me and this guy.

"what are you doing here?" he asked the guy.

"i was going to meet you." he replied.

my brother looked at me.

then the guy continue to say something to jin oppa.

"now that you're here, i need to talk to you, i'll wait outside."

with that, he left the living room, not even once look at me.

my brother told me to stay in the house, then he walked out, shutting the door closed.

i was dumbfounded. what does jungkook means? what illness?

end of wohee's POV

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