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"i-i should get home, my brother is going to be worried." wohee told jungkook and bowed again.

wohee was about to walk away but jungkook grab her arm again.

"let's walk home together." jungkook said, still holding her arm.

wohee looked at jungkook but soon nodded her head, agreeing to jungkook to walk home together.

"but, can you let go of my arm? i feel kinda uncomfortable." wohee asked jungkook.

jungkook looked down to his foot before letting go of wohee.

then, they started walking home.

on their way home, none of them talked, so it was a silent walk.

but, wohee broke the silence.

"uhm, so jungkook?"

jungkook turned to the left where wohee was.

"yeah?" he replied.

"that's my house." she pointed to a house in front of them.

jungkook looked at her house and nodded.

"i know."

wohee just looked at him, kinda shocked but then she looked away.

"i think you can go n-" wohee's words was cutted by jungkook.

"wohee, can we just start this all over again, i don't know what is wrong with you before, but-- can we just start again?" jungkook blurted out while looking at wohee.

wohee was confused. she looked at jungkook again and bowed.

"i don't know what are you talking about. sorry, i'll go home now- and please don't stop me again." wohee told jungkook then walked away from him, going towards her house.

"but, wohee ah-"

jungkook called out for wohee but immediately stopped when he saw a guy coming out from wohee's house. the guy then hugged wohee and looked at jungkook.

that must be jin, her older brother. jungkook thought.

after wohee and jin went into their house, jungkook sighed and run his hands to his hair, disappointed.

he then continue to walk to his house.


jungkook laid on his bed in his room after taking a shower. he stared at the ceiling. he couldn't think of anything except for wohee.

he was so confused about wohee's behavior.

"what happened to her?" jungkook said to himself.

then he sat down on the bed. he looked at his desk then his eyes scanned the drawer, where the notebook is, the notebook that he used to write about wohee.

he went to the desk and opened the drawer, then he took the notebook and sat down on the chair. he began writing about the incident that happened between him and wohee.

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