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hey, i know that person. jungkook thought.

after washing his hands, he immediately went out of his house and called out for that person.

"excuse me?" jungkook said, standing behind the person.

the person turned around and looked at jungkook.

"uh, may i help you?" the person asked.

jungkook shook his head and smiled.

"you must be seokijn right? wohee's older brother." jungkook asked then bowed to him.

"y-yes, how do you know my name?-- and wohee?" he asked.

"ah, im jungkook by the way. i met wohee two days ago at a cafe and we talked and became friends, she told me about you." jungkook said.

seokjin just nodded his head.

"but, wohee.. i met her again yesterday and she said she don't know me. why is she acting lik--"

seokjin cutted jungkook's words.

"ah well, its nice meeting you, jungkook. i need to go now. have a nice day!" seokjin said then hurriedly walked away from jungkook.

leaving jungkook there, bewildered.

"what just happened?" jungkook said to himself.


jungkook went back to his house and ate cereal for breakfast. after that, he went upstairs to his room to take a quick shower. then, he wore his white oversized shirt and a baggy pants.

he took his phone and went downstairs while ruffling his wet hair.

he sat on the sofa and turned on the television.

while watching the TV, his phone suddenly vibrated. he looked at the screen of his phone and saw one text message from his mom.

jungkook-ah, i forgot to buy some fruit yesterday, can u go to the grocery store and buy it? i can't because im really busy here with appa. okay? thnks honey

jungkook sighed after reading the message from his mom. he was too tired to go out because he was out of energy after playing basketball yesterday.

but, he had to.

so, he turned off the TV and stand up. he took his wallet and went out from his house and locked the front door. then, he walked to the grocery store which wasn't too far from his house.

once he arrived at the grocery store. he went to the fruit section and picked out some fruits which is grapes, papayas and apples.

he went to the counter to pay. but suddenly he saw that familiar figure again outside the store.

jin? jungkook thought.

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