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jungkook woke up by the sound of the door shut closed. he opened his eyes slowly. he took a while to proceed where he was. then, it hit him.

he was still at wohee's house, the television was still turned on.

he looked beside her, where wohee is still sleeping peacefully.
a small smile formed on his lip.

hm, i guess i fell asleep too. he thought.

he looked out through the window, it was already dark. he looked at the clock hanging above the television.

"8 pm" he reads out.

his eyes went big.

"oh my god, im so dead." jungkook needed to go home or he'll be scolded by his parents.

"no, you're not dead. idiot."

he looked up to see jin, standing in front of him.

"guess you two are getting closer." he said, looking at the position between wohee and jungkook.

"hyung. sorry, i need to get home, my parents will be mad at me. could you help me pick wohee up?" jungkook said.

"nope, you're staying here tonight." jin said.

jungkook looked at jin, confused.

"what do you mean?"

"i was home at 6pm but i saw you two were asleep. so, i went out again to your house and told your parents that you will be staying at my house for tonight and they gave permission. and here, your school uniform for tomorrow. wake up early okay?" jin explained while handing jungkook a bag that has his uniform in it.

"ohh." jungkook said. "thanks." he thanked.

"yeah, no problem. besides, i wanted to make sure of something about you and wohee. so,  you should stay." jin said.

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows.


jin just smiled at him. then, he looked at her sister who is fast asleep on jungkook's shoulder.

jungkook then noticed jin looking at wohee. he looked to her too.

"i let her fall asleep. even though she don't want to." he blurted out.

jin held jungkook's shoulder. "you did the right thing." he said.

"but, when she wake up she wi--"

jin interrupt him.

"here, let me take wohee to her room." jin said then walked closer to her, but jungkook stopped him.

"ahh no no, i'll do it. you must be tired from the hospital. i'll carry her." jungkook said, noticing that jin was sweating a lot.

jin back up, then smiled to jungkook.

"thanks, yeah. i had a really a long day at the hospital plus, i ran all the way here from your house." jin said.

"okay, you carry her to her room while i'll cook dinner." he continued.

jungkook nodded his head. then, jin walked to the kitchen. jungkook slowly carry wohee 'bridal style' to her room.

he let wohee down on her bed. once she was laying on her bed, she moved a little, finding a comfortable position to sleep. then, she went quiet again, sleeping peacefully.

jungkook smiled looking at her. he pulled her blanket to her body so that she won't feel cold. jungkook sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her.

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