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jungkook's POV

"im jungkook, jeon jungkook." i said.

she took her hand out to me, wanting a handshake.

i smiled and pulled out my hand to her and shook her hand.

"nice to meet you, jungkook" she chuckled after saying my name.

isn't that cute?

"nice to meet you too, wohee."

after that, we talked. i learned that she is the same age as me, but she didn't go to school. however, she stills studies education with her brother at home, kinda like home-schooling.

we were getting along and i enjoyed talking to her.

"so, yesterday, i know what i did was weird" i said to her while chuckling, remembering what happened yesterday.

she tilted her head to the side while looking at me.

i found it cute.

"yesterday? hmm i don't remember meeting you yesterday" she said. "where?" she asked again.

"uhh, here. this cafe, i was outside." i said, pointing to the window.

she looked at the window then back at me, confused.

"uh, maybe you don't recognise me, i mean there are so many people who wore the same uniform as me so.." i said again.

she just nodded her head.

"yeah, maybe" she looked around the cafe where there were so many students from my school.

i was a little upset when she said that she didnt remember seeing me yesterday. but, yeah its possible that maybe she saw many students from my school who wore the same uniform, she might be confused, right?

so, we carry on talking and getting to know each other.

"wohee ah, where do you live?" i asked then drink my caramel machiato, still looking at her.

"not far from here, i came here by foot." she replied.

"really? my house is nearby too. maybe we could.. you know, walk home together." i said while scratching the back of my neck, which obviously weren't itchy at all.

she chuckled.

"sure jungkook."


i grinned at her then I watched her drink her hot chocolate.

then i saw her novel that she put aside the whole time when we were talking.

"what novel were you reading though?" i asked, resting my chin on my palm.

she took her novel and show it to me.

it was a CSI novel.

"oh~ CSI? i used to like it too, but i never read a novel about it" i said.

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