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"have i.. have i met him before?"
wohee asked.

jin stayed quiet for a while, then he spoke.

"what makes you think like that?" jin asked.

wohee just shrugged.

"i don't know.. its just.. ugh, i don't know." wohee said.

jin looked at her sister, bewildered.

does she remember jungkook? jin thought.

"i'll just go to my room." wohee said then walked to her bedroom.

"okay." jin replied.

that's weird. jin thought.


15th of march

after school has ended, suga and taehyung took jungkook and bring him to watch a movie since they promised to watch together.

at the cinema, before the movie starts, suga, taehyung and jungkook went to take their seats.

After that, they waited for the movie to start, jungkook was really quiet that time. suga and taehyung noticed it.

"what's wrong kook? you seem unhappy today." taehyung who is sitting between jungkook and suga, asked.

jungkook shook his head, not looking at taehyung.

"nothing." he said.

suga who is sitting beside taehyung, looked at him then asked taehyung.

"what's wrong with him?" suga asked.

taehyung shrugged then looked to the screen in front of them when the movie started.

suga and taehyung watched the whole movie with full concentration.

meanwhile, jungkook just stared blankly at his hands.

when the movie ended. taehyung and suga boast about how good the movie was.

"that was an amazing ending!" taehyung exclaimed.

suga laughed and nodded.

then suga looked at jungkook who seems not to noticed that the movie has come to an end.

"jungkook?" suga called him.

but no response from him.

"yah jungkook!" he called again.

jungkook looked at suga while blinking his eyes couple of times.

"sorry hyung, i didn't hear you. why?" jungkook asked.

"the movie has ended. did you enjoyed it?" taehyung asked.

jungkook just nodded.

"uh y-yes! it was really an awesome movie." jungkook said while stuttering a little.

"okay. let's go now." suga said then the three of them left the cinema.


the three of them were already in suga's car and currently going home. while suga is driving, he took a glance at jungkook through the front mirror of the car since jungkook is sitting at the backseat.

suga knew that something's wrong with jungkook because he just sighed during the drive home.

suga then asked jungkook while he was still driving.

"jungkook ah, you can just tell us. what's the matter. are you having problems?"

taehyung who was sitting on the passenger's seat beside suga then looked at him then turned around to look at jungkook.

"yeah, you seem really sad and stressed today. come on, tell us. we're your hyung." taehyung said.

jungkook looked at taehyung then faked a laughed.

"what do you mean? im totally fine." jungkook said, then faked another smile.

taehyung frowned.

"no you're not." he said.

jungkook's smile faded.

"hey, we're here for you." suga said.

jungkook sighed.

"tell us kook, maybe we can help." taehyung said.

"no. you can't do anything to solve what im facing now." jungkook said, looking down.

taehyung flicked jungkook's forehead.

"yah! don't you trust me and suga hyung?" he asked.

jungkook rubbed his forehead.

"ouch hyung! that hurts!" he whined, looking at taehyung.

"tell us! hurry!" taehyung said.

"fine." jungkook replied, guess he had to tell everything to the two of his hyungs.

"do you remember that girl from the cafe? when we were celebrating suga hyung's birthday." he started.

suga, who was still driving nodded his head and said.

"the girl that you stared for the whole time, right?"

taehyung looked at jungkook teasingly.

"hyung, im serious!" jungkook said.

"okay okay, talk!" suga said.

so, jungkook told them everything. about wohee, about jin, everything.

"ohh, so she had an amnesia?" taehyung asked.

"maybe, yes." jungkook said.

"but, why are you so sad about that? i mean, if she can't remember you, why don't just try to forget her." suga said, still driving.

"i-i can't." jungkook said.

taehyung furrowed an eyebrow.

"why? its not like she'll remember you since she had amnesia." he said.

jungkook sighed then run his hand to his hair.

"because i like her."

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