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"you like me?" jungkook asked then smiled.

wohee's eyes went big as her cheeks turned red as a tomato.

"uh-uh.." wohee mumbled out.

both of them still looking at each other's eyes, underneath the blanket. wohee's heart was about to explode. and so does jungkook. she swallowed as she was about to speak but once again, nothing came out from her mouth.

jungkook chuckled, looking at wohee.

suddenly, jungkook went closer to wohee, making the gap between their faces even smaller.

"what's the answer? you like me or not?" he asked, he smirked playfully.

wohee shut her eyes closed. she couldn't look at jungkook anymore, she might melt.

she heard jungkook chuckled then she suddenly felt something soft touching her forehead.

she opened her eyes, her heart almost stop beating when she finally understood what was happening.

jungkook was kissing her forehead. she felt jungkook's soft lip touched her forehead.

then he pulled back. smiling sweetly at her.

"because i like you." he blurted out.

wohee froze. her eyes didn't even blinked once. she stared at jungkook.

"omo, is this real?" she thought.

"hey, are you still alive?" he asked then chuckled.

wohee blinked twice then went back to reality. jungkook was still staring at her.

"you're blushing. does that means you like me too?" he aksed, slightly smirking.

wohee couldn't deal with the teasing anymore, her heart might explode for real. she sat down quickly and covered her face that was even redder than a tomato. then she smiled at the thought of jungkook kissing her forehead and jungkook liking her.

"he just kissed my forehead! and oh my god did he just said that he like me too? dear god, pease not let this be a dream."

then she realized that she was still on the same bed with jungkook. she then jumped from the bed and went to her bathroom.

"what? wohee ah~ where are you going?" jungkook called as wohee ran to the bathroom. he then sat down. he smiled sheepishly by himself while sitting on wohee's bed. he put his fingers on his chin.
he chuckled then suddenly the chuckle turned into laughter.

"ahh jeon jungkook, im so proud of you~

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"ahh jeon jungkook, im so proud of you~." he said then hold his head, closing his eyes, smiling so widely. then he touched his chest, his heart was beating in a not normal speed.

"ahhh~" jungkook blurted out, the smile he wore still hasn't left his face.

"oh my god~ DID HE JUST KISSED ME~ UWAAH~" wohee's voice and quite scream could be heard from the bathroom.

jungkook chuckled at what he heard.

"yes, i did."

then, wohee walked out from her bathroom, looking at jungkook. her face was still red.

jungkook turned his head to her. trying his best not to smile.

"wohee ah." he called then stood up.

just as jungkook's eyes met wohee's, she looked down.

"hey, you didn't finish your words just now. you what?" jungkook asked, acting normal.

wohee breath in then out. then, she looked at jungkook.

"okay, i like you too jeon jungkook. there! i said it!"


both jungkook and wohee are now at the living room, sitting on the sofa while watching a movie.

they were close to each other. jungkook's arm was resting on wohee's shoulder and wohee was just sitting awkwardly there, beside jungkook.

"i knew you like me too." jungkook spoke.

wohee laughed nervously. then she yawned, still tired after not having sleep last night.

"here, you can just go to sleep." jungkook pulled her head towards his shoulder so that she can rest her head on jungkook's shoulder.

wohee looked up at jungkook.

"but--" she managed to say.

"no buts. please, rest." he said then smiled warmly at her.

"you need to sleep first so that you have enough energy for our first date." he continued.

well, he wasn't sure if this first date with wohee will happen. because he know if she slept, she will wake up with that stupid amnesia.

but, he couldn't bare to see wohee like this ; tired, sleepy and weak. he sighed.

"nope, im just going to close my eyes-- for a-- while." wohee said between her yawns.

she pulled out her pinky finger to jungkook.

"you need to promise me one thing." she said.

jungkook looked at her, his eyebrows jumped.

"what promise?"

"promise me you won't let me fall asleep. you have to wake me up if i almost fell asleep." she wiggled her pinky finger to him.

jungkook's eyes softened at her statement. he looked at her pinky the back at her.

he sighed before saying "i promise."

he held out his pinky finger and intertwined it with wohee's.

wohee smiled at him. then, she rest her head to jungkook's shoulder and closed her eyes.

their pinky finger were still intertwined with each other. jungkook looked at their finger then he intertwined his hands with wohee.

"im sorry, wohee. i hope this can last forever but this is my fate."

then, he heard wohee's cute snoring. she was asleep.

he smiled sweetly then rest his head on top of her head.

"sleep well. sorry, i had to broke our promise."

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