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"im going, jungkook." jin said.

jungkook nodded his head. jin said he was going to meet wohee's doctor, so jungkook will accompany her in the house.

"where are you going oppa?" wohee asked, her head popping out from the kitchen's door frame.

both jin and jungkook looked at wohee.

"wohee ah, i- i need to go to uh the store for a while." jin lied.

"why?" she asked again.

"i need to buy something, you stay here with jungkook okay? i'll come home soon. i love you~ bye!" jin said then left the house.

wohee just stand there after her brother left.

"wohee?" jungkook called.

wohee looked at jungkook.

"have you finish eating?" he asked, standing up from the sofa.

"uh yeah." wohee replied. she stretched her arms then yawned.

"you're tired wohee ah." jungkook said, walking closer to her. once he was standing right in front of her. she smiled sweetly at him.

"im fine." she said. "i wanted to talk to you about so many things! let's go to my room." she continued, grabbing jungkook's arm then pulled him to her bedroom.

they both sat crossed-leg on the bed, looking each other.

"do you know what? i never really have a friend before. you're the first, even before the accident. i always hang out with jin oppa. i was really lonely." she said, her head slowly looking down.

jungkook looked at her then held her chin up to make her look at him.

jungkook smiled sweetly to her.

"hey, its okay. i am your friend." he said.

wohee smiled. "thank you." she said. "you don't know how thankful i am when you talked to me at the cafe. i felt like im the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!" she exclaimed.

jungkook chuckled. he reach out his hand to wohee's hair and ruffled it gently.

"actually, i am the lucky one." jungkook said. "i was very nervous when we first talk though." jungkook said while chuckling.

wohee giggled.

jungkook pulled back his hands. then wohee lay down on her bed. since it was a king-sized bed. she gesture the empty space beside her to jungkook, telling him to lay down beside her. jungkook, without hesitation, lay down beside her.

both of them looked at the ceiling. then wohee begin to speak.

"jungkook ah, i have something to tell you." she said.

"hm? what is it?" he asked.

wohee turned her head to jungkook. she bit her lower lip.

"uh, i actually-" wohee was about to continue her words but she stopped when jungkook also turned his head toward wohee.

"what is it?" he asked, looking at wohee.

wohee's face was so close to his. she was amazed by jungkook's handsome face. she stared at jungkook for a while. so does jungkook. he stared at wohee. her beauty amazed him, as always.

"well, uhm." wohee said then looked away from him, staring at the ceiling.

jungkook chuckled looking at her blushing.

"spit it out, kim wohee."

"okay! okay! just a second." she pulled her blanket and covered her face.

"what exactly are you doing?" jungkook asked then laughed.

"i.. uhm jungkook ah i.." she said underneath the blanket.

"i what?" jungkook asked, smiling ear to ear seeing wohee's cute side.

"i- you- uhm." wohee mumbled.

jungkook chuckled then he pulled wohee's blanket and get in the blanket as well. he looked at wohee underneath the blanket. their faces are only inches close.

"you like me?" jungkook asked then smiled.

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