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wohee's POV

i went to my room and shut the door closed, leaving my brother alone at the living room.

i don't know what happened to me just a while ago. just as my brother said that 'kinda familiar' name. my head hurts like hell.

what was his name?

jung- jungkook?

ouch! there it goes again. my head.

i massaged my forehead, hoping that the pain will slowly be gone.

but, as i reminded myself about that name. the pain was getting worse.

i don't know what is wrong with me.

i laid on my bed, closing my eyes. trying to endure the pain.

after a while of doing nothing except for laying.

the pain was gone.

i sighed as a sign of relief.

that name. why do i feel like i've  heard it before.



i was sketching in my room when suddenly there's a knock from the door of my room.

i looked up and i saw my brother.

"oppa?" i said.

he smiled warmly to me.

"i'll be leaving you for a while. i need to do something." he told me.

"okay." i replied.

"how are you? is your head okay?" he asked, concerned.

i smiled to him and nodded my head.

"great, you need anything? foods and drinks? anything?" he asked again.

"hmm, its fine oppa." i replied.

he nodded his head while smiling to me then shut my door close.

then, i continued to sketch.

after a while, i felt thristy so i got out from my room and walked to the kitchen.

i drank a glass of water then washed the glass.

i was about to go to my room again, but i heard the bell from my front door rang.

i furrowed my eyebrows.

is that jin oppa? i thought.

i walked to the door then i opened it.

as i opened the door. an unfamiliar face greets me. he was wearing a uniform?

he looked kinda surprised seeing me.

"hi? can i help you?" i asked.

"uhm, is jin here?" he asked me.

i shook my head and told him that jin oppa went out.

he nodded his head, but not looking at me.

"but, he'll be back any moment. you can come in and wait for him to come home if you want." i suggested.

im just assuming that he is my brother's friend.

he looked at me then asked.

"can i?"

i gave him a smile.

"of course!"

i led him in and he sat on the sofa.

"do you want some tea?" i asked as i walked to the kitchen.

"uhm, sure." i heard he replied.

i made tea. then i took a glance of the guy.

hmm, he seems young. is he really jin oppa's friend?

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