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12th of march

jungkook is currently at his school's canteen, eating his lunch.

after he finished eating. the bell rang as a sign that recess is over. he went back to his class and sit on his seat. he took out his phone before the teacher comes, checking his twitter's notification.

after a while, the teacher came in and he put his phone back to his pocket.



school has ended. jungkook walked through the hallway of his school.

hmm, should i go to the cafe again? i wanted to meet wohee. its not wrong to go to the same cafe with the exact same uniform everyday right? jungkook thought while chuckling, knowing that he went to the cafe three times already while wearing his school uniform.

jungkook wanted to meet wohee again. he walked towards the school gate but suddenly someone called his name.

"yah jeon jungkook!" the voice said.

jungkook turned to look for the owner of the voice then he saw his senior, park jimin who is also one of his teammate in basketball team. jimin was standing behind jungkook.

"oh, sunbae?" jungkook turned around and bowed to respect his senior.

jimin smiled at jungkook.

"yah jungkook, no need to be polite with me, you can just call me hyung by now." jimin hit jungkook's shoulder, jokingly.

jungkook grinned.

"really?" he asked.

"yeah." jimin replied.

"okay hyung." jungkook said.

"great! so, im playing basketball now with the rest of the team. and i think that you should join us!" jimin said to jungkook.

jungkook hesitated a bit. he hadn't play basketball in years but he also wanted to meet wohee.

maybe i shold join them, this is a senior's request. i'll just go meet wohee later around 5 pm, which is her usual time to go back home from the cafe. jungkook thought.

"yeah sure hyung" jungkook replied to jimin after a moment of thinking.

jimin grinned and 'high five' jungkook.

"i'll go change my clothes first hyung" jungkook said to jimin.

"okay jungkook. we'll be at the field to warm up." jimin said


jungkook, jimin and the rest of the team played basketball for the rest of the evening.

jungkook enjoyed playing basketball and speaking of basketball, it reminded him of suga, who is an ace when it comes to basketball.

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