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wohee's POV

after a while, my brother came back in our house after he had talked with jungkook outside.

"oppa." i called for him.

"who is he?" i asked.

jin looked at me then formed a smile on his lip.

"he is my friend." he simply replied.

i blinked my eyes for a couple of times then sighed.

"oppa, do i not know something about me?" i asked.

jin just stared at me. his eyes were full with sadness and guilt.

"what do you mean wohee?"

"he said something about illness, my illness. what does he mean by that?" i asked, again.

jin looked at me, surprised.

"w- who? who told you that?"

"him." i replied.


i nodded my head while looking at my brother.

jin laughed nervously.

"i don't know. what is he talking about? he probably just talking nonsense." he said.

then, i looked at him with a serious expression.

"oppa, please tell me. am i not healthy?" i asked, in a more serious tone.

i noticed jin gulped and his eyes were locked to mine.

"are you hiding something from me?"

he sighed then he looked down to his feet.

"okay. i'll tell you. but, let's sit down first." he told me.

we both sat down on the sofa, facing each other.

"so, remember when mom and dad got into an accident?" he began.

i focused on him, hearing every words that came out from his mouth.

"you were involved in the accident too, wohee."

my heartbeat got faster.

"how? i don't get it." i asked.

he explained everything, and when he said that i had an amnesia.. i can't help but to let a teardrop escaped from my eyes.

what? amnesia? me?

my breathing get shorter, i can barely breath properly. i freaked out.

"THERE'S NO WAY I HAD AN AMNESIA! OPPA! THIS IS NONSENSE! PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE!" more teardrop escaped my eyes as i shouted to my brother. i stood up and covered my ears and shut my eyes.

i cried my heart out. its just too shocking for me. i had been alive with an amnesia and forgot about everything i did for a few years and my brother didn't tell me about this until today. why?

i had mixed feelings. disappointed, angry and sad.

"wohee, calm down. im sorry i didn't tell you about this earlier. wohee ah." my brother stood up and tried to hold me. he reached out his hands to my shoulder but once his hands were on my shoulders, i pulled away from him.

"i- i need some time alone oppa." i said then went into my room.
i need to think if this was real or not. its just so hard to believe what im facing right now.

when im in my room, the tears still haven't stop streaming down my face.

i buried my face on my pillow and cry.

after a while of crying, I've had calmed down a little, but i still had a hard time accepting the truth.

but then, there's something i haven't figured out yet.

what about jungkook?

end of wohee's POV

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