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"who is she?" jungkook mumbled while drinking his caramel machiato.

"huh, what did you say kook?" taehyung asked.

jungkook turned back to look at both of his hyungs who were sitting in front of him.

"huh? wh-what?"

suga noticed that jungkook has been staring at something at his back. he turned to look at the direction where jungkook was staring and saw the girl. taehyung did the same and saw her too.

taehyung turned to look back at jungkook and smiled teasingly.

"aye kook, you were staring at the girl"

"uh n-no i wasn't!" jungkook replied to taehyung, blushing.

"don't lie kook ! she is the only person there."

taehyung chuckled at how cute jungkook was while blushing.

then suga turned around to look at jungkook.

"you're blushing? OH MY GOD JUNGKOOK IS BLUSHING" suga shouted quite loud enough that the workers heard it.

" hyung, st-stop it" jungkook said, embarrassed.

taehyung and suga continued laughing and finally stopped when they were out of breath.

suga took his donut and took a bite.

"sorry for embarrassing you jungkook. that's normal." suga said to jungkook while chuckling.

"hyung, i wa-"

taehyung cutted jungkook's words.

"she's cute though. so, its not a surprise why you were so busy staring at her" taehyung said.

jungkook sighed.

"hyung! how many times do i have to tell you that i wasn't sta-"

once again he didn't had the chance to finish his sentence because suga put his index finger to jungkook's lips and told him to shut up.

"shut up, we know you were staring at her, and yeah she is pretty cute." suga said.

suga pulled his finger back and ate his donut.

"i can't believe that she still comes here at the exact same time." suga suddenly said.

taehyung and jungkook both looked at suga, bewildered.

"you know her hyung?" taehyung asked.

"eh? nah i don't. it's just that since i always come here, i saw her every single day at the exact same time, sitting at the same seat, doing the same thing and drinking the same drink everyday." suga explained.

"why does she do that?" jungkook asked.

"i don't know, i never talk to her. maybe she is just a customer that really liked this cafe and came here everyday just like me- well, i don't come every single day though. the difference is i don't order the same thing everyday and i don't do the same thing everyday. i came here to listen to songs, reading books and hang out with you guys."

taehyung and jungkook nodded.

"ahh~" both of them said.

"hyung, by any chance, do you know uhm her name?" jungkook asked, scratching the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly.

suga looked at jungkook.

"sorry jungkook kid, i don't. wow you fall in love so easily." suga replied, chuckling.

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