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jeon jungkook;

why does she keeps on forgetting about me?

the first time we talked was really great. we laughed, we asked question about each other and we were becoming friends.

but, the second time we met after becoming friends was disappointing. she said that she doesnt even know me. so, i introduced myself again. but she acted as if we never met before.

and it keeps on happening every single day. she just keeps on forgetting me.

is this some kind of a joke girls make when a guy try to talk to them?

if it is, im pissed of. cause i have feelings towards her. yes, the girl who keeps on forgetting me or maybe pretending to forget about me.

please stop doing this to me,
kim wohee.

i like you.

[ a/n : hii this my first fanfic on wattpad, this story was infires by the movie "50 first date" if im not mistaken. anddd i hope many of you will like this story. bye see u on the first chapter ;) lol im so awkward ]

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