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jungkook's POV

i knocked on wohee's door.

"i-im not hungry oppa. i-i want to see j-jungkook!" i heard she said while sniffing.

i glanced at jin who was standing beside me. he nodded his head to me. i look to wohee's door again.

"wohee ah? its jungkook." i said.

i could hear wohee stopped sniffing and footsteps can also be heard from inside wohee's room. suddenly, i heard a click sound, its the door. wohee unlocked it. i slowly raised my hand to the door knob and twisted it. i opened the door and entered wohee's room.

"wohee?" i called her.

i looked behind me, where jin was standing. he pulled the door knob and closed the door.

leaving me and wohee alone in her room.

i scanned wohee's room and i saw her standing at the corner of her room, she was looking at me.

her eyes were puffy and red. dark circle can be seen below her eyes. her hair brushes her face.

"wohee ah, are you okay?" i asked, walking slowly towards her.

when i was standing right in front of her. a tear escaped from her left eye.

"wohee, don't cry please." i said and tried to wiped her tears but she suddenly grabbed my waist and hugged me.

i was surprised by her action. she buried her face on my chest and started to cry.

"jungkook ah, im sorry.. im really sorry for forgetting about you. last night, i remembered everything about you. those memories came back! i remember the first time i saw you outside the cafe, i remember the first time we talked and i also remember saying that i don't know you and you looked so sad. im sorry." wohee said while sobbing, still hugging me.

i was surprised to hear that but i patted her back and hugged her back.

"hey, its okay~ shh. you got your memories back, that's a good thing." i said, trying my best to comfort her. i closed my eyes and rest my chin on her head since im taller than her.

"everything is alright between us. you don't have to feel sorry wohee." i said.

i could feel my chest getting wet by her tears but i don't care.

"stop crying please, wohee. you're making me more worried." i said again.

she finally stopped crying. and she pulled back from the hug. she looked up at me. i cupped her face.

"its okay." i said then smiled at her. seeing her crying makes my heart weak.

"hey, you should have some rest." i said.

she shook her head.

"i don't want to, because if i take some rest, i will fall asleep and when i wake up i will forget about you. i don't want to forget about you, jungkook. not again." she said.

hearing her saying those things made me sad. the fact that she had amnesia is really unacceptable.

i don't know what to say. i just looked at her in the eyes.

"well, at least go and eat will you? you skipped breakfast, i don't want you to get sick." i said.

she looked at me with her tired eyes.

"okay. but, stay here for a while. please?" she said to me.

she grabbed the end of my sweater, clutching it.

she doesn't want me to go. my heart started to beat faster than usual. i smiled sweetly to her.

"okay. i'll stay."


while wohee was eating, jin and i talked at the living room.

"what did wohee say to you?" he asked.

"she said she was sorry to me, for forgetting about me." i chuckled a little.

"she remembered me." i continued.

"ah really? i should meet her doctor again. i hope this means she is fully recovered." he asked.

"but, hyung. im concerned about wohee. she didn't sleep last night, she said she don't want to sleep because if she sleep, she'll forget about me. she's afraid of that."
i said, turning my head to him.

jin's mouth was open ajar.

"she likes you so much jungkook."

my eyes went big when i heard what jin said. i wanted to say something but jin began to talk again.

"i'll go to wohee's doctor soon, i need you to take care of her, okay?" he said.

i nodded.

"but, why isn't wohee coming with you?" i asked.

"well, to be honest.." he started to whisper on my ears.

"i asked the doctor to keep this as a secret. since wohee didn't know about this. she doesn't know that she had a doctor, i don't want her to hate me for not telling her this. she's already very disappointed in me when i told her about her amnesia. i don't want to make it worse."

"okay." i simply replied.

end of jungkook's POV

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