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jungkook's POV

i ate my dinner that my mom prepared for us. i happily enjoyed the food. then, after finishing my meal, i washed my plate and drank a glass of water.

"eomma, im going upstairs to my room now, need to finish my homework." i told my mom who was having a talk with my dad at the dining room.

my mom nodded her head to me and continued talking to dad.

when im in my room, i took out the notebooks that i just bought today. then, i sat on my chair and put the notebooks on my desk. i started to write the notes that mrs na asked me to, in one of the notebooks.

i spent a really long time to finish the notes from 10 different chapter. sigh, my fingers were tired.

after a couple of hours.

"ahh! finally~ done!"

i said as i finished writing the notes and closed the notebook. I looked at the clock that was hanging in front of my bed.

it was 11;28 pm. i went downstairs and went to the kitchen to drink some water. then, i walked upstairs again, passing my parents' room. both of them were already asleep. I walked to my room and sat on the chair. i put the notebook that was full of notes in my backpack. then, i remembered about what happened earlier between me and her. out of the blue, a smile formed on my lips. i looked at the other notebook and suddenly, something came across my mind.

i took the notebook and started writing.

10th of March
today, i saw a girl- well actually I saw her yesterday at suga hyung's favourite cafe. but today, i smiled and waved at her and she did the same too. i don't know why it happened but i thanked myself for doing that. i felt really really happy that time and my heart beats faster when she smiled. why is my heart like this? i need to know her, i need to know her name.


i stopped writing and i realized that i had been smiling for the whole time. i hold my notebook and put it on my drawer.

i stood up and walked towards my bed. i laid down and slowly closing my eyes. the last thing that was running through my mind was to go to the cafe again tomorrow.

why am i being like this. then, i was slowly drifting to dreamland.


11th of march

i woke up by the sound of my annoying alarm clock.

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