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When I was done showering, I realized that Brian was already gone.
It cuts me deep each time even though I know it's coming.
I sighed loudly and got dressed.
On my way downstairs I dialed a number into my cell with a smile.


I sat on the couch, impatiently flipping through every channel, waiting for the door bell to ring.
The second it did, I shot out of my seat like a rocket.
I flung the door open and there stood my best friends in the world.
"Agggggh! I missed you!" I yelled, jumping on the nearest one who just so happened to be the one and only Zacky V.
I wrapped my arms and legs around him, squeezing the life out him.
The rest of the A7X guys and girls surrounded us and squeezed me tightly as I squealed.
"I've missed you all so much." I said.
I jumped off of Zacky and embraced Monique, Alaina, Jaden and Katara again.
"Where the fuck have you been! You don't visit us anymore!" Monique accused.
I pulled out of our hug and looked at her innocently.
"Come on, Aqua, you know I've been busy." I said with a laugh.
I led them to the middle of the living room and we all sat down.
Me and the girls all squeezed on to one couch, staying as close as possible.
"That's not an accuse." Matt said.
I stuck my tongue out at him and we all shared a laugh when he stuck his hand out like he was gonna grab it.
"So, how's he doing?" Jimmy asked in a soft voice.
I smiled.
They do care about Brian.
They're just trying to teach him a lesson.
It sucks because I don't think he will ever get it.
The room got quiet as they all looked at me, waiting for me to answer.
"He has good days and bad days. More bad than good lately. He comes in late every night, absolutely drunk." I told them, looking down sadly.
"You have to be careful. He might hurt you when he's drunk." Jaden said in her soft voice.
She was always the worry wart out of all of us.
"I know Jaden. But there's nothing he can do that will hurt me more then he already has." I said quietly.
"This is bullshit!" Alaina yelled.
My head snapped up as I looked at her.
I was shocked at her sudden out burst.
"Babe." Matt said in a warning voice.
"No Matt! This is absolute bullshit Cynthia! Why do you stay with him? He doesn't give a shit!" She said angrily.
I didn't answer, just kept my eyes on the floor.
"If you're worried about where you will stay, you know you can stay with any of us." Johnny said.
"You don't have to stay here and deal with all the shit he puts you through." Zacky said angrily.
"I can't leave him you guys. Not like everyone else did. I just can't." I said helplessly.
"You are too good for him and you don't deserve to be put through this." Kat said.
"I promised him you guys, I can't go back on that." I said softly.
"You don't owe him a damn thing! If anything he should be on his hands and knees begging you to forgive him for being such an inconsiderate asshole!" Matt boomed.
"I love him! More than anything." I said as the tears finally slipped from my eyes.
The tears came faster as I felt the weight of their sympathy on my shoulders.

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